Introducing: Hurcx



Hurcx’ bass-heavy ambient sound operates in a futuristic post-dubstep space; Getintothis’ Ste Knight explores

If you’re a fan of dubstep then undoubtedly you’ll be a fan of the evolved sound that acted as successor to London’s bass-orientated lovechild. The style is populated by the likes of the incredibly popular James Blake, Ramadanman, and Mount Kimbie to name a few. Hurcx are relative newcomers to the scene, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t accomplished producers.

Made up of two members – Ryan Mercer and Ronan Williams – Hurcx have literally just dropped their latest track, Melk. It’s a real brooder, with all the elements of that post-dubstep sound included – similar in feel to Julian Fane and Kid606 (when he’s on a more mellow vibe and not throwing out Ecstacy Motherfucker-style jams).

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The track also seems to take a lot of influence from the electro sphere, you can hear elements of Reves Mecaniques-era The Hacker, and Mount Sims knocking around in there, which is accentuated by the high-end – the hissing hats in particular. Plenty of Warp or Planet µ artists would be delighted with a production of this standard.

You can catch the pair playing the Aristophanes afterparty at Buyer’s Club on Saturday, July 9, so grab a ticket and get down there for your bass fix. In the meantime, get onto Melk, below.




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