Introducing: Anteros



On the release of Anteros’ latest floor-filler for people with pink bedrooms, Getintothis’ Sue Bennett blows bubble-gum to The Beat and waits for her rollers to set.

Anteros are a band happy to define their own sound. The alternatives used to leave it up to audience interpretation. Evading definition was a hallmark of cool authenticity. Anteros, on the other hand, are plugging themselves as ‘bitter dream pop’. It is an accurate definition and, as it turns out, pigeonholing themselves in the age of Google ranking, SEO keywords, and a prolific amount of busy content makers, it is a bloody good idea.
With 17K followers on Twitter and a former MTV Spain presenter for a lead singer, Anteros are the media savvy millennial dream from a PR perspective, and for a new band they are not short of serious coverage.

Their new single The Beat has made it onto Radio One’s single of the week. It seems odd to pitch them, as many are, as some kind of Britpop revival four-piece from London. Although they do have pop shades of The Cardigans they certainly are not Elastica, and they are not trying to be. Anteros are cleaner. They belong to festivals that don’t get you muddy. Glitter-ball discos and pamper parties.

Anteros played Liverpool Sound City earlier in the year.  Read Our review here.

If the pop incarnation of Gwen Stefani was sent back to the 80s to make music this is what she might produce. The track begins with Laura Hayden’s vocals isolated on a clean bass line. It’s fun, and reminiscent of the opening sequence to some Beverley Hills coming-of-age comedy complete with a rinse and repeat chorus for perfectly manicured girls.

You could effectively dump someone to The Beat; throw champagne in their face, and your consequential strut-off would be middle-of-the-road. Next year you won’t remember the name of the guy you were dumping, but that’s all part of it. It is a break up song for the romantically indifferent. It’s disposable, it’s about letting go and it possesses the rhythm of a woman hightailing it and not really giving a damn. What was his name again?