John Jenkins – Rodeo Girl

Rodeo Girl Cover Art

Cover Art for Rodeo Girl

Ahead of his performance at the Albert Dock folk festival, Getintothis’ Ryan Craig gets lassoed with charm when listening to John Jenkins’ latest single.

Having once supported for Echo and The Bunnymen, The Beat, and Elvis Costello, the seemingly ever busy John Jenkins continues bless our ears with his adept acoustics. Following on from his last solo album, Trains, comes the smoothly executed single Rodeo Girl.

The tone for Rodeo Girl is set instantly as the smooth guitar play paves the way for some calmly done vocals, the kind that seem to be accomplished so effortlessly – think a slower, more relaxed version of Alabama 3. Mixing a blend of country and blues, John Jenkins creates what would be a fitting soundtrack to an obscure spaghetti western film.

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At around a minute in, the song transforms into an outer space feel with a sound similar to that produced by a pedal steel guitar, before dropping you right back into the acoustic goodness that Mr. Jenkins is known for. His enormously relaxed voice, which is both pleasurable and serene in near every aspect, offers a taste of pure vocal talent – listening to John Jenkins is like sitting in the world’s most comfortable armchair.

The vocals, at times, border on a seductive whisper with just the right amount of joyous charm. When John announces “let’s dance“, well, you can’t help but oblige. The groovy guitar riff not only latches onto you, but refuses to let go as you surrender to the combination of catchy chords.

Check out Rodeo Girl, and while you’re at it have a listen to John Jenkins other EP’s, including Midnight in Manhattan – which can be downloaded for free here.

John Jenkins will also be playing at Folk Festival over at Albert Dock, August 28 and 29.




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