Pink Kink, HMLTD, Broom Of The System, Luna, Mary Miller: EBGBS, Liverpool



Pink Kink and HMLTD whip up a storm at EBGBS and Getintothis’ Lily Corke Butters was there to join in the fun and have her mind opened.

If first appearances are anything to go by, the venue (EBGBS) was certainly not a typical setting for your Friday night. Decked out with paper mache genitalia, naked Barbie dolls and underwear hung as bunting, the low-ceilinged cellar gave off an impression of complete liberalism.

The first three bands presented relatively short sets, giving bursts of separate energy from their vastly different styles.

From the moment they set foot on stage, it was clear that HMLTD were unlike the previous bands. Donned in outrageous outfits of fishnet and bat-covered fabric, the band brought an energy of wisdom. Singer, Henry, knew exactly how to own the stage, with flashes of crazed eyes and smiles. It is a mystery how the small area contained them. An outsider may have viewed the setting as back within the New Romantic era. However, thirty seconds inside would prove them utterly wrong. With one song about a “Choo choo train” alongside another with a momentous build up and almost dubstep drop, it is hard to categorise the band’s music into any genre.

HMLTD are certainly not a band you would want as your support act, as they appear to be able to upstage pretty much anyone. The six piece produced sounds that sometimes could barely even class as music, yet it worked. Their words, thuds, noises and drama tied together exceptionally into an Art student’s ultimate dream.

Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn – Distant Memories and Moments of Pleasure

With a hard act to follow Pink Kink had high expectations pinned on them. Revealing a glitter-covered chest and sequinned pants, they undoubtedly looked the part. The music emitted Warpaint like vibes, mashed in with Suzi Quatro in an atmospheric, yet borderline screechy infusion. Nothing makes a statement like attitude an armpit hair, giving Pink Kink unadulterated, feminist girl power. The small but strong crowd were undeniably swept up in the immersive wall of sound, produced by the band.

They owned their unsymmetrical sound by teaming it with a full and well-structured instrumentation. Energy flowed out of every corner of the set- even when they lost sound from their keyboard, they powered through, losing none of their standing charm.

The act ended with a crowd-surfing inflated male doll, with breast stuck on. Pink Kink seemed to send a message with every decoration, action and word they said.

With no traces on YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify, it appears the only way to experience their impact is through live gigs and shows. The band are currently touring along with HMLTD, so music lovers: be afraid and intrigued if they visit near you, as it may be an eye and mind-opening experience.


Pictures by Getintothis’ Simon Lewis