Ex-Easter Island Head announce exclusive Everyman series New Music For Old Machines



As the innovative masters unveil details of their latest project, Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald takes an exclusive look at what’s in store.

A new series of adventurous concerts has been announced by Benjamin D.Duvall, one part of the acclaimed imaginative trio Ex-Easter Island Head, with the inaugural show taking place at Everyman Bistro on March 16.

Entitled New Music For Old Machines, the quartet of experimental events will aim to transform the subterranean Bistro settings into an immersive space for creative exploration by bringing together like minded artists and marrying them with visual conceptual contributions.

Duvall himself will head up the first concert and be joined by the devastating drone of string and bass duo KURO, while Liverpool underground sensation Maund will round off proceedings. The following month will see Sealionwoman cast their eerie songcraft to the nights proceedings, with the electronic wizardry of The Gentle Sex set to unleash waves of looping delights.

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The penultimate outing will see a special appearance from grindcore legends Naplam Deathco founder Nic Bullen, as he new electronic works for analogue machinery, while Kinder Meccano will combine tapes, motors and electronics.

With legendary composer and percussionist Charles Hayward and dynamic drum minimalists Rattle rounding off the series, this series promises to be as inventive and enticing as it’s creator, with each concert providing courageous step into experimental delights.

New Music For Old Machines take some place at Everyman Bistro, with the full series of concerts as follows:

  • KURO, Maund and Ex-Easter Islands Head (solo) – March 16
  • Sealionwoman and The Gentle Sex – April 20
  • Kinder Meccano and Nic Bullen – September 21
  • Charles Hayward and Rattle – November 16