She Drew The Gun, Marvin Powell: Central Library, Liverpool


She Drew The Gun

A brilliant venue filled by a brilliant voice, Getintothis’ Lorna Dougherty enjoyed a night in location out of the ordinary.

When you tell somebody you’re going to a gig in the library, their usual response is a confused look with a hint of curiosity. Liverpool’s Central Library is definitely not a generic venue and, tonight, definitely not filled with generic songs.

The beautiful circular room provided amazing space for the acoustics, broadcasting singer Louisa Roach‘s voice to the sell out room.

Opening the set with a spoken poem, she grabbed the audience attention and kept it tight throughout.

She Drew The Gun, winners of last year’s Glastonbury‘s Emerging Talent Competition have songs that are musically simple, but BIG; with a depth beyond the music containing meaningful and political lyrics, One can tell Roach has written each with sincerity and heartfelt, which adds this extra connection between the audience and the band, something that’s not felt very often at contemporary music gigs.

The 4/4 beat is held tight throughout by prominent and distinct drum beats, similar to that of Echo & The Bunnymen‘s earlier material; the repetitive bass drum drives behind every line sung, forcing more power into the lyrics.

Later in the set synths were added, proving the diversity of the band; the appreciation of contemporary music elements but combining it with the old school, simple, almost Doo Wop style music, is refreshing.

There was not a single member of the audience, young or hold, who wasn’t a music fanatic. Each person there could feel ideas and passion behind the songs.The spoken poems provided a unique, special transition between each song.

Included in the set was the song Thank You where Roach lists all the inspirational women that have influenced her.

Finishing the set on their latest single No Hole in My Head, a cover of a 40’s protest song, it is now relevant more than ever with the recent politic events and is something that there should be more of in the modern music industry.

Support came from the excellent Liverpool-based songwriter Marvin Powell, signed to Skeleton Key Records.

Photos by GetintothisChris Flack.