AbiChan, The Sneaky Nixons, The Isrights, The Floormen: The Magnet, Liverpool



A rabbit in the headlights but as soulful as Queen Aretha herself, AbiChan took to the Magnet for their debut gig with Getintothis’ Lauren Jones witness to her powers.

Going underground for the night of your life the dark circus surrounding of the Magnet offered a kooky but stable grounding to proceedings.

Slowly growing in character with each individual that walked in, this Sound City Emerging Talent show had that old feeling of The Kazimier.

The Floormen were up, shrieking down the mic in the most poetic way with seething guitars and heavy beats it certainly awoke those dewy eyed hallucinating heads in the crowd.

Starting ahead of schedule the band took one for the team and really they shouldn’t have needed to – their sound is becoming more popular as the city grows and they become a treat to watch time and time again.

Sulking calmly off stage, The Isrights began setting up. Acting like they were playing Wembley was something that was lost on the Magnet crowd. Guitar effects blipped and shrieked adding a fantastic craftsmanship to their playing.

Already bumping into the Sneaky Nixons at last week’s Ditto Live, it was great to see them on a smaller and more intimate stage.

The sex dungeon sounds roared up and down the stairs feeding off dance moves and shrieks from the audience. Ripping out our hearts and tearing our minds, there should definitely be more trumpet, it was mean and feisty – just how we like it.

Now moving to the dancefloor, the band made it so they were performing for only you. Once passing, throwing their guitars on stage and having to refrain from doing more damage, that was all from The Sneaky Nixons, we could’ve had more.

Now the room was really heating up, the smoke machines choked us up under the purple spotlights. Crammed and sweaty it was time for AbiChan to weave herself on stage.

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With wide eyes front woman Abi Harding was taken aback by the sheer amount of people awaiting for her. Reminding me of an early Amy Winehouse mixed with Paloma Faith, Abi made this her own as the night grew on. Screaming fans of old and new shapeshifted around the dancefloor to her soulful grooves and funk tunes.

Becoming the ultimate show woman – everyone wanted to be her.

There’s no doubting the leap she has made with her band – Tim Cunningham, Jim Sharrock, Riley Broudie and Shannon Bamford accompanying on keys. Holding the audience in the palm of her hands she performed.

When her debut song Whispers got its first live airing, the crowd went wild jiving ridiculously and mouthing the lyrics – something so rare in the underground societies we have in Liverpool. Moving to keys halfway through her set for two slower ballad sounding tunes, a frank but harrowing side appeared.

“More, more, give us more.” Ending on a sweet but bitter note, the crowd weren’t ready for the finale.

Easily one of the best gigs that truly stopped time, it was a pleasure to witness the future unfold.

AbiChan – what’s next? Just can’t wait a minute

Pictures by Getintothis’ Brian Sayle