Haley Bonar, Michael Nau: Central Library, Liverpool

Hayley Bonar

Hayley Bonar

As Haley Bonar brought her her edgy folk rock to Liverpool Central Library, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson was there to catch the action.

When attending a gig in a library you arrive with certain expectations – an intimate setting, relaxed atmosphere and delicate music to match.

Tonight’s Haley Bonar gig at Liverpool Central Library, the latest in the Get It Loud In Libraries series, certainly lived up to a couple of these expectations at least. The round, almost amphitheatre like room the gig was held in was a brilliant setting. It was intimate, packed with character and offered great vantage points from wherever you stood.

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Yet somehow, the music didn’t seem to match. Haley Bonar, now seven albums in to her indie folk career, felt like her enchanting folk rock would be perfect for the setting, but in reality the fuzzy jangle of guitars seemed to clutter the room, hardly allowing space for the infectious melodies of Bonar‘s songs to shine through. It’s probably not the fault of the band, but it certainly took away from the enjoyment of the night.

Despite that, Bonar is a supremely talented songwriter, and it showed tonight with songs being performed from her near 15 year career. Yet it was tracks from her latest record, Impossible Dream, which really stood out.

Stupid Face is a real ear worm, with brilliant hooks and instantly memorable chorus, it’s surely one of Bonar‘s finest moments as a songwriter. The folky shuffle of Better Than Me impresses also, as well as the stomping rock of latest single Called You Queen. Her sound is certainly a very American one, and with seven solid records to her name now, Bonar is cementing her status as one of the USA’s most consistent songwriters.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Martin Waters.