Record Store Day 2017 in Liverpool – reaction and pictures from Probe, Jacaranda, 3b, Dig Vinyl & more

Record Store Day 2017

Record Store Day 2017

On the 10th UK Record Store Day, Getintothis’ Cath Bore scoots about Liverpool and sniffs out the sexy hot wax.

Tin’s the anniversary gift you get after10 years, did you know? Not the most precious of metals, I grant you, or glamorous. But still, there are plenty of shiny gems to be scooped up in Liverpool’s record shops today for those joining in the queues early enough.

The queue outside Probe Records (Video by Getintothis’ Georgia Flynn)

The debate yawns on and on about Record Store Day, and whilst it’s true that there’s less focus on fresher meat release-wise, and more passion instead for David Bowie in Liverpool today – his name whispered in reverence and awe, the excitement at really quite giddy levels from first light – there are still lots of other tasty releases out.

The day has a competitive, Top Trumps vibe to it, whoever can get in there and grab those numbered limited editions et al and be the envy of all your friends – well, those in the queue anyway – wins. Apparently. There’s a cheeriness, but a definite passion to be top dog, with a side order of male bonding. I say this because at  7.30am, there’s a grand total of 21 women outside Probe Records in a queue of over 100. I have a theory; it’s not that women are not enchanted or excited by the vinyl revival, to the contrary; instead they’ve sent their significant other/brother/dad or family priest to queue for them. I know this because that’s what I’ve done myself. It works. Try it.

Two fellas I talk to outside Probe trill off names they’re after. Bowie, Prince, Paul McCartney, The Beatles

How much are you willing to spend?

‘There is no limit,’ they grin, and laugh about getting the next months’ food shopping on tick, if needs be.

Getintothis reader Helena, an individual of exceptional taste, obviously, has been here since 5.30am, but did the sensible thing and drew up a list beforehand, and aims to stick to it. It includes The Cribs, The Cure, Goat, The Black Angels, and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Helena's RSD wish list

Helena’s RSD wish list (photo credit: Cath Bore)

Which one is she after above all others?

BJM,’ she says firmly.

Hope you got lucky, Helena.

The Jacaranda pulls in a more modest crowd than Probe at this unholy time on a Saturday morning. The line is headed by two cheerful women there on behalf of their 11 year old son/grandson. He wants Africa by Toto, and the new Bastille release. ‘It’s a tactical operation,’ one of them says. ‘His dad’s over at another shop up the road. He’s there in case we can’t get them.’ Like any efficient undercover  agents, they decline to give their names, but when I track them down later their grins are wide. ‘We got them! And Video Killed The Radio Star! Now we’ve got to go home and listen to them. At full blast.

Well done, ladies. Mission accomplished.

Outside 3b, the female to male customer split is the narrowest of the day so far, at roughly 14 to 60. The shop is late opening due to stock arriving close to the wire, and that there’s no Bowie is the first shocking rumour to circulate, and it turns out to be true. Lots of talk about folk, undeterred, returning on Monday to see what’s what. A 100% Dunkirk spirit presenting itself. Admirable.

The DigVinyl team had a lie in this morning with a 10am start and a Bold Street Coffee to prepare themselves for the day, while everyone else camps out in queues.  ‘We leave the new & RSD releases to our neighbouring shops (Probe, Jacaranda, 3Beat and 81 Renshaw) and encourage people to visit them for any of the special releases they’re after,’ says Yvonne Page, the shop’s business manager. ‘As always we have loads of fresh secondhand vinyl for cratediggers to peruse after hitting up the other shops in town for their special releases.’


A pair of happy Record Store Day shoppers

Yvonne and her colleagues are keen that buying record from them today to head down to Bold St Coffee, where staff will happily play their purchases for them.

The other secondhand shops in town bear up well, Pop Boutique‘s basement busy, a gaggle of teenagers (3 males and 6 females – inspirational) searching out Bee Gees and Led Zeppelin, and 81 Renshaw‘s second hand basement holds its end up too, the RSD releases doing a brisk trade up in the venue area (‘No Bowie left, sorry’ delivered with a sad smile when I walk in at midday, before I even say anything, tells me they’ve been asked about him quite a lot today).

The Cancer Research UK charity shop on Bold street is not outdone by any retail outlet, and offers a fine display of Elvis Presley vinyl for under a fiver each. I end up with five of those babes. Result.

So, then. Liverpool  Record Store Day 2017. A mixed bag. A day of extreme joy – gleeful faces at bagging that precious Bowie, disappointments, and, to our second hand shops most of all, very much business as usual, gold standard.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Georgia Flynn & Gary Coughlan