And justice for all! The Jeremy Corbyn Facebook page making metal memes we really approve of

When yer dad gets his records out

When yer dad gets his records out

As Jeremy Corbyn fever sweeps the nation, Getintothis uncovers the Iron Cörbyn Metallic Memes Facebook Page which is none more black.

As Iron Maiden declared – it certainly seems a Brave New World is unfolding before us.

With Jeremy Corbyn‘s showing some British Steel to rage against the Evil Empire of Theresa May and her weak and wobbly Tory party twerps, we’re delighted to uncover a Facebook Page which is reigning in Labour blood red.

Yep, the rather marvellous metal inspired Iron Cörbyn’s Metallic Memes is transforming Corbyn into metal inspired memes.

From Black Sabbath to Sepultura, Korn and Cannibal Corpse, all bases are covered – and such is the page’s popularity they’ve branched out into pop and hip hop.

Prince, Dr Dre and The Smiths are also given the Jezza treatment with fans sending in great additions – including that King Crimson image above.

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