Unknown Pleasures #132 ft Fauves, Courts, Magique



Back for another week of Unknown Pleasures, Getintothis’ Lorna Dougherty uncovers three more hidden gems.

First we have Glaswegian Fauves, originally created by lead singer Ryan Caldwell last year when he was creating demos.

They’ve already gained a lot of recognition and acclaim and played at the BBC 6 Music Fringe Festival. Now with the addition of three members they are a fully-fledged four piece band and have just released their debut single Hit Like This.  With a bass line and synth elements giving echoes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra this funky song keeps you on your toes thanks to an ever-changing tempo and Caldwell’s unique vocals.

Hot on their heels and all the way from Essex, we give you Courts.

Courts seem to do everything just right. Their newest single Any of Us off their latest EP, blends disco, indie and hip-hop into one mad three-minute groove session. The intro starts with pure funk and soul to make anyone bob their head and tap their toes, while a funky bass continues along with Bombay Bicycle Club like guitar riffs and a hip-hop rap vocal is looped over the top. It feels as if this band has not only been influenced from all genres and ages, but also cultures, and has tied it all together into something they can label their own. You’ll love it!.

The return of Deep Cuts Live on July 6!

Completing this weeks trio we give you Magique. Although there appears to be somewhat of a black hole about him online, it simply adds a air of mystery to him which we like; you learn about him through his music.

What we do know is that Real Love is the second single from Magique. A vocal style quite similar to Coldplay‘s Chris Martin is,balanced with energetic electronic drums and synths, allowing it to step into an electro dance-pop genre yet maintaining a loose grasp with more rock stylings. Sometimes things just blend together perfectly..