Deep Cuts Live returns on July 6 at Buyers Club with array of Liverpool’s finest new artists



Guaranteed swell times return to Buyers Club on Thursday July 6 as Getintothis assembles the sixth edition of Deep Cuts Live.

Ah, the joy of six! What does that even mean?

While you pen us an email to answer such inanities, we can reveal the sixth edition of our new musical happening series – Deep Cuts Live. Indeed.

Ever diverse. Mainstay of greatness. And completely unmissable, the Getintothis team have once again lovingly crafted a line up from the worlds of whacked out pop, otherworldly psychedelia, furious rock and roll plus lovelorn melancholia, and fused together something which is sure to bring to your very being 100% guaranteed swell times.

Don’t believe us – well check out this for a billing.

In the red corner is quartet Black Pulp, who’ve quietly been making a name for themselves with their textured, layered sonics earning high praise in Drowned In Sound and recent slots alongside Flyte and at Liverpool Sound City.

In the blue corner there’s TV ME – the renamed guise of one of the region’s finest young song-writers Thomas McConnell, who along with his new band, have been making slow-burning art-rock which has seen label heads at Deltasonic to snaffle them up. Having played alongside Mercury nominee C Duncan, thrill the bones off the folks at FestEVOL, they recently played alongside GIT Award winners Loved Ones – and Deep Cuts is your next opportunity to get at ’em.

Getintothis presents Deep Cuts live - July 2017

Getintothis presents Deep Cuts live – July 2017

In the green corner (I may be making this up now, as I don’t think there’s ever a green corner) is lunatic punks Uncle Jane. Recommended by Dig Vinyl‘s Elliot Hutchinson (this dude knows his shit), Uncle Jane do exactly what they say on the tin: make garage tunes for yer mind and soul. You don’t really need much more in yer life, do yer?

Last up, and don’t put em in any corner, are the delectable women of Mamatung – kinda like an exotic brew of found sounds, wistful melodies, off-kilter time signatures and a healthy dollop of mystical folk, they’re easily one of Liverpool’s most fascinating prospects. Quite simply no band in the city is making music like this – and needs to be experienced in the flesh to be truly appreciated.

WHERE ON EARTH CAN I SEE SUCH A HAPPENING?”, I hear you scream. At Buyers Club of course – our Deep Cuts Live home – and it all unfurls on Thursday July 6 at 7.30pm for just four quid.

Here’s the line which says it all far more succinctly.

  • Getintothis presents Deep Cuts Live #6 featuring Black Pulp, TV ME, Uncle Jane, Mamatung – and more TBC is on Thursday July 6, 7.30pm-11pm, £4.

Finally we must finish with a word for our mighty fine fifth edition which unfolded on June 8 – otherwise known as the day Theresa May was given a hefty boot up the arse by Jeremy Corbyn.

Yep, there were good vibes already in the air when Pale Rider kicked things off with, as this writer proclaimed, ‘the finest new rock and roll from this region in sometime’. Hip hop trio NuTribe followed suit with a swaggering set oozing charisma before Gazelle injected some sweet, honey-filled vocal soul into proceedings – and added some saxophone just for good measure. Come 10pm and the exit polls landed – and it’s fair to say, it all went off.

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With the place rocking The Jjohns and corking jukebox sounds courtesy of Bernie Connor put revellers firmly in the mood for a closing set by the returning Marvin Powell. Powell showed how he’s maturing into a song-writer with a rich armoury of tunes as the Skeleton Key family including members of The Coral, AbiChan, Sundowners and Zutons all joined in the Corbyn love affair. It was a top evening all round – thanks to everyone who supported and spread the love.

Roll on Thursday July 6 for Deep Cuts #6.

Pictures by Joel Hansen and Peter Guy.