Woodland Gathering IV festival – welcome to the new primitive


16797995_1394417423925714_4382690519334785510_oAs the Woodland Gathering takes place again in Ulverston, Geitntothis’ Guy Nolan bring us a preview of all the action.

Terminal Cheesecake, Phurpa and Bong are just a few of the bands to be seen at Woodland Gathering IV.

The two-day festival returns on 14 July with a esoteric and avant garde mix of music. So what does Woodland Gathering have to offer? Well let’s step back in time to a world before the Justin Beiber’s, before the coke generation and before the corporations took a hold onto the festival scene. When people explored new ideas of community living, they came together to explore sounds and visions from the underground music, art and film scene.

Festivals were events that were almost otherworldly, connecting us to a more primitive and spiritual place. The Ulverston-based festival close to Lake Windermere harks back to festivals of yesteryear bringing a diverse group of musicians and artists together.

Dysgeusia 31: Chuck on a pair of cargo shorts, hey?

Headliners Terminal Cheesecake – with their unearthly tones, drones and rhythms – have been around the UK music scene for more than 25 years, forging a psychedelic noise dub cacophony.

Phurpa are a band that has looked upon the traditional sounds of Tibetan throat music and shamanic ritual and brought it to the new world. Through the use of vocal orchestration called “rgyud-skad” they create ritualistic mantras, using traditional instruments and percussion.

Also playing are stoner-rock legends Bong, James Welburn, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, Guncleaner, Aja, Shitwife, Ahrkh, Some Some Unicorn, Gargarin plus more acts still to be announced.

Set in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and just for the sum of £35 (camping) for a two day event that is sure to be one to remember. All we can hope for is that the sun stays out.