The Avalanches: Albert Hall, Manchester

The Avalanches

The Avalanches

As Australian electronic group The Avalanches played at Manchester’s Albert Hall, Getintothis’ Rob Gavin found himself massively let down.

The Albert Hall is a fantastic venue and we already had a fondness for the Aussie electronic act The Avalanches‘ recorded work. So naturally, we found ourselves looking forward to this gig but as we were queuing to go in, impending doom suddenly struck us that not only had we missed the support act but we were also joined in the queue by Lib-dem politician Tim Farron. Things only went from bad to worse when we got inside and the band came on.

It is all a bit of a shame as the crowd were colourfully dressed and clearly up for some chilled, far-away beats. Even our mate, Farron was wearing an ironically camp Hawaiian shirt. However, what the crowd got was miming, a needless live band and awful sound quality.

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They played some of the hits from both of their records with the crowd breaking from their statuesque mould for the likes of Subways, Frankie Sinatra and Frontier Psychiatrist but, in all honesty, it would’ve been better if everyone had just stayed at home and put the album on whilst having tea, or something.

The band was only on for about 50 minutes and the only silver lining was the euphoric closer Since I Left You. We can argue that it was made even more euphoric by the fact that everybody knew the show was over and they could go the pub instead.

While their recorded LPs still qualify as favourably listenable, their live show is more of a two out of ten shit affair.