Emotion Wave returns with tenth edition including DJ Food, Melodien and Lo Five – win tickets

DJ Food by Will Cooper-Mitchell [taken from artist's Facebook]

DJ Food by Will Cooper-Mitchell [taken from artist’s Facebook]

Ahead of Emotion Wave’s 10th outing this weekend, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson caught up with founder Neil Grant to talk about what makes the nights so special.

Emotion Wave is set to return for its 10th edition, with a night featuring performances from DJ Food, Melodien and Lo Five at 81 Renshaw Street on August 26.
The night, which is run by electronic artist Lo Five, aka Neil Grant, supports a diverse range of experimental artists from across the electronic spectrum, and has become much loved across Merseyside since its inception two years ago.
Ahead of the 10th edition of Emotion Wave this weekend, we caught up with Neil Grant to talk about what makes the nights so special.
Getintothis: What can people expect from an Emotion Wave night?
Neil Grant: You can expect to have an enjoyable evening in a relaxed environment surrounded by nice open-minded people, listening to a broad spectrum of experimental music from artists around the north west – playing music from across the very broad church that is ‘electronic music’. 
The format is usually three live electronic/instrumental sets, with DJ sets in between. It always starts at 8pm and finishes at midnight, so it’s ideal if you need to get the train home, or fancy something different to kick off your marathon Saturday night sesh.
Getintothis: What did you set out to achieve when you first started running Emotion Wave?
Grant: I wanted to create the perfect environment for someone like me to play in – a fairly small and comfortable venue where people can listen and/or meet other people. A club environment comes with certain expectations, i.e. you may feel obliged to dance. A traditional venue may bring audience expectations in terms of performance. With Emotion Wave it’s more akin to an open mic night, in that for the audience it’s geared towards listening than watching or dancing. It was also important not have it on too late, as older audience members (myself included) would struggle a bit staying up past midnight, plus it’s handy not to have to get a cab home.
As well as the environmental aspect, I also wanted it to grow into a community of mutually supportive artists and producers that could work together and collaborate on projects, put records out, remix each other’s tracks etc. I want it to be as open and supportive as possible too, to give local artists the space and freedom to try out whatever they want. We’re happy to put on odd mixtures of genres and styles, which actually works quite well. 

Boards of Canada – Top 10

Getintothis: What have been your highlights from Emotion Wave so far? Any particular nights that stand out?
Grant: I really liked the Gentle Sex, who used these unwieldy reel-to-reel tape machines and spools, as well as live instruments. The Mekano Set were great too – halfway through their set a performance artist came out, drew a five pointed star on the floor and started smearing black paint over her face, that was memorable. Jean Michel-Noir and his 80s horror soundtrack stuff was ace too, he’s a force of nature that guy. 
Getintothis: Who is top of your wishlist of acts to book for a future Emotion Wave?
Grant: In all honesty, putting on bigger names isn’t the goal, it’s primarily to give a platform for people struggling to find one. Having said that, contradicting my previous statement, I’m in talks with someone at present but can’t say who it is, so you’ll have to wait sorry. Other than that person: Tobacco, Leyland Kirby, John Foxx, Gazelle Twin, Blanck Mass and Boards of Canada, obviously.

Emotion Wave and Getintothis have teamed up to giveaway a pair of tickets to the next event at 81 Renshaw Street on August 26.

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