Unknown Pleasures #138 ft. WHARVES, Lon Lon, Champion Electric


WHARVES Photo Credit: Happymag

Returning to the Unknown Pleasures column is Getintothis’ Ryan Craig, with another trio of fresh new sounds for all those new music lovers. 

Here to set things into motion are WHARVES with their newest single Love Decide. A gritty, lyrically engaging little number with just the right amount of angst and a familiar post-punk feel.

In the words of WHARVES themselves, ‘Love Decide is about accepting that some things are bigger and more powerful than you and that you aren’t always in control. It’s a reminder to myself that it’s okay to be on my own and if a relationship isn’t working, I can let go and I will be happier and free’. Deep.

Second of our trio is dream-pop four-piece Lon Lon, representing Pasadena in the big ol’ US of A. Their high-energy sound and perfectly pitched guitar play is most evident in the track Killing Me.

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Brimming with fun and ready to explode into peak feel goodness. Infectious and dance-worthy, Lon Lon are evidently having fun with what they do, and they do it well.

The band’s Facebook bio simply reads ‘sexually-charged salsa band from muggy Tijuana‘. I have no idea what to make of that, but it somehow seems to work with what they’re all about.

Our final haul comes via Nashville-based, electronic trio Champion Electric and their soothing, easy listening single Trem. 

Bordering on the edge of psychedelic with that high octave voice, Champion Electric catch your ear and don’t let go. The Tennessee trio captivate and control with the use of some fine vocal skills fused with a hint of electronics (as the name implies).

With an album of the same title soon to drop, more mind-tingling tunes are sure to be upon us.