False Advertising, Psyblings, Nasty Little Lonely, Wild Fruit Art Collective: Sound, Liverpool

False Advertising

False Advertising

False Advertising had Getintothis’ Lucia Matusikova getting her punk groove on for a night of top entertainment thanks to the good folks at Loner Noise.

Loner Noise brought another night full of good tunes down to Sound Food and Drink basement.

If you have ever been in the place you know that it looks like an old-school artists garage. Comfortable couches, fairy lights and mix of punk and psychedelic music – this is what the night was about.

Psybilings opened the night but with the first song we were left unsure whether we were going to like it or , maybe it simply wasn’t our cup of tea. However, as their set progressed we admitted that this group of young lads are bringing out their best and the crowd is loving it. They nicely balance the mixture of psychedelia and rock, and they did a great job warming up the crowd and leaving them to want to listen to some more.

As the second act came on, Nasty Little Lonely, a rather large crowd had come together. And deservedly so.

Nasty Little Lonely have travelled from Bristol to bring their best sound down to Liverpool. For us, they were the highlight of the night and everybody in the room enjoyed their psych post punk set.

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Wild Fruit Art Collective, the local punkers have brought the real show with loads of crowd interaction. Their sound was really good and the crowd enjoyed their set.

The headliners of the night, False Advertising, were as good as you expect them to be. Plenty of interactions with the crowd and their sound was on top form. The audience loved them.

It is also great to see their stage chemistry and that they really love what they’re doing. Spot on moment of the night was when they called on stage Michael Edward (Elevant), the man behind the whole night, to join them for a song. What a wonderful idea – and it worked brilliantly.

As said before, Loner Noise brought another good psych-punk night to Liverpool with lots of good music and we cannot wait to see what they put on next.

Images by Getintothis’ Tom Adam