Flyte, Spinn, TV ME: Buyers Club, Liverpool



Flyte played to a sold out Buyers Club last night, and Getintothis’ Miles Etchells was there to witness a band continue on their upward trajectory.

It’s sometimes a worry when a band opens their set with the song you were most looking forward to hearing.

It has happened to us all before: a great song falling flat as an opener, with a crowd not yet on the same wavelength as the band. Sometimes such instances can even spoil a set, as you wish the anticipation of that one tune had been savoured, and the potential of its delivery fully realised.

So when up and coming four-piece Flyte opened their set with the Echo and the Bunnymen-esque ‘Victoria Falls’, this writer felt a slight alarm going off. Fortunately, this worry was misplaced, as all present at Buyers Club were treated to a gorgeous evening of synths, harmonies and well-crafted psych-pop songs.

Before the London headliners took to the stage we enjoyed support from local bands TV ME and Spinn, whom Flyte’s lead singer Will Taylor stated were the best they’d had on tour to date. Such kind words can sometimes be treated with suspicion, but in this case they were easy to believe.

TVMe gave a strong account of their dreamy psych, and Spinn added a touch of The Cure, The Cribs and Johhny Marr guitar to the clearly defined sound of the evening. Spinn’s last song ‘Notice Me’ made us do just that, and it felt like a tune we will be hearing again.

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Having been warmly eased in by the two strong support acts, the sold out Buyers Club crowd showed their glee once Flyte took to the stage. Following on from the release of their debut album ‘The Loved Ones’ last month, the band have kept up momentum with a UK tour which has been generating significant excitement, and from tonight it was clear to hear and see why.

Flyte’s set was a joy, full of varied yet succinct, well-crafted songs, with standouts such as ‘Sliding Doors’, ‘Orphans of the Storm’ and ‘Cathy Come Home’ – their latest single that centres around strong, Beatles-esque tempo and key changes.

Each performer seemed on top form. The drums were intricate, delicate and driving where required, Taylor’s voice showed an impressive range of pitches and emotions, the bass was melodic and moreish whilst the synths evoked those heard on Tame Impala’sCurrents’.

Having played this band a lot over the summer, this writer was excited to see them live, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. It was brilliant to see them in such an intimate venue, and from this gig it seems obvious that Flyte will continue on their upward trajectory.

The group sounded excellent, tight across varied rhythms and styles and clearly in tune with one another. Such togetherness is necessary in most bands, but particularly for acts like Flyte who place such an emphasis on harmonies. It was amazing to note from this performance that the band contains not one but four excellent singers, and this shared ability was emphasised by two ambitious, almost barbershop moments from the encore.

The first was a cappella album closer ‘Archie, Marry Me’, and the other was the set-ending acoustic rendition of ‘Faithless’. For this last song the band wandered into the middle of the crowd and sang, with Taylor’s guitar the only accompaniment, allowing us to hear with total, unplugged clarity the choral effect of the band’s harmonies. It was a special way to end a set that had been impressive from the start.

Images by Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody