Sundara Karma, The Magic Gang, Willie J Healey: Mountford Hall, Liverpool



Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma play to a sold out Liverpool crowd and Getintothis’ Sarah Pitman was getting down and dirty with the rest of the crowd.

For the second time this year Sundara Karma bring January’s debut album, ‘Youth is only ever fun in retrospect’ to their youthful fans in Liverpool.

After near on 40 minutes of ambient music and cheers every time a guitar tech moved on stage Sundara Karma took to the stage.  Taking the term “Squad goals” to heart, the band turned up on stage dressed in matching outfits.

Having formed when they were 14, their debut album took 7 years to write and produce. This is clear as each track is a hit in its own right, with the emotions of the songs truly resonating with the audience that had gathered to witness the performance.

Sundara Karma showed off the sheer variety that their album has to offer, running from tracks like She Said which had the crowd bouncing, to more subdued tracks like Happy Family, which showed off how tight the vocal harmonies between band members are.

It was obvious everyone in attendance was exactly where they wanted to be – enjoying their favourite music surrounded by like minded people.

Introducing: Hollows, Off The Grid, The Zangwills

Having been delayed by the massive queue to the box office, first support Willie J Healey had already taken to the stage by the time we got inside the Mountford Hall. We were greeted by funk melodies, guitar riffs and a bright pink shaker.

They warmed the crowd up with a selection of their soft rock anthems. It was clear that Willie J Healey had a fair few fans amassed in the crowd last night, but they left the stage with many more.

If you were unaware of who the headliner of last night’s gig was you could be fooled into thinking it was in fact  second support act The Magic Gang. With their fans getting down early to witness their indie-pop fill Mountford Hall, they did not disappoint playing crowd favourites Feeling Better from their first EP and more recent releases such as ‘How can I compete’.

Overall, the gig showed off some great musical talent, but the crowd really needed to brush up on their general gig etiquette as most people don’t appreciate having piss thrown over their heads!

We’re serious. What the fuck is wrong with people. Can we be the only ones who don’t want to be getting the bus home smelling like we haven’t washed in weeks. Or pissed on.

Apart from this though, a great night was had, with Sundara Karma on top form.  What more could we want really.

Images by Getintothis’ Gary Coughlan




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