Dysgeusia 36: Cannibalism, All Pigs Must Die and flute solos

Cannibal Corpse (Credit:Artists Facebook page)

Cannibal Corpse (Credit:Artists Facebook page)

Back once more with riffs abound, Dysgeusia is here to keep you warm as the permafrost settles in, Getintothis’ Mark Davies has what you need.

Can you feel it? The biting cold! The icy winds!

It’s basically winter all over again, who’d have thunk it? Now we have to wear TWO hoodies just to keep toasty and both of them black of course because we wouldn’t want to ruin our image.

But, in case you haven’t got two hoodies, here are some winter warmers for you in the form of some of the tastiest tracks to have come our way, if these don’t light a fire under you then we don’t know what will. Take off that ridiculous beanie and unclog those ears, here comes metal.

Cannibal Corpse – Code of the Slashers (Metal Blade Records)

Let’s face it, for as long as there has been death metal, there has also been Cannibal Corpse. The two are so closely intertwined that they are essentially synonymous at this point. Founded in Buffalo, New York in 1988 and going through several line-up changes throughout these almost 30 years, not to mention 14 full-length albums, the band are a mainstay and it isn’t hard to hear why.

The riffs cut like a rusty knife through the mix, with a relentless rhythm section and the immediately recognisable gutterals of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, who we are still tempted to call the ‘new’ singer despite having been in the band since 1995, replacing Chris Barnes.

Their latest effort, Red Before Black, out via Metal Blade Records whom the band have been with since the very beginning, is a pummelling and unforgiving masterclass in the art of death metal. Having had nearly 3 decades of experience, they are clearly not giving any fucks whatsoever here, and have given us a 47-minute face-hammer-smashing you will not regret receiving.

But, what’s a new CC release without a hilarious low-budget cheesy music video about cannibalism? Nothing, that’s what, so that is exactly what the band have delivered. Check out the video and then immediately purchase Red Before Black to quench any cannibalistic urges you didn’t know you had.


Toothgrinder – The Shadow (Spinefarm Records)

New Jersey quintet Toothgrinder have certainly been busy these past few years since their inception, having only released their debut full-length album Nocturnal Masquerade in 2016 and now, they are already back with a follow-up Phantom Amour out via long-time label Spinefarm Records.

The band have been moving from strength to strength with tours supporting the likes of Periphery and more recently Between The Buried And Me, and although the new album showcases a wildly different sound to that of their debut, incorporating more electronic and synth elements, and some cleaner vocals this time around, the heavy grooves are still ever-present and eager to clamour inside your head, sticking around for days on end.

Catchy is an understatement with Toothgrinder.Our featured track The Shadow below is a vivid example of this, and you can hear the rest of their infectious full-length Phantom Amour out now via Spinefarm Records.


All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal (Southern Lord Records)

It’s never too early in the day for a bit of hardcore punk we reckon. Some people have coffee and pancakes, some people have vodka and a cigarette, but here at Getintothis, it’s All Pigs Must Die all around.

The “supergroup” formed in 2010 with members of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy and Bloodhorse, are truly a force to be reckoned with, and it’s probably best you don’t piss them off any more than they clearly are here on Hostage Animal because DAMN if that isn’t one of the angriest and most vitriolic records we have heard in a good while. Bile central right here.

Their new album, a follow up to 2013’s Nothing Violates This Nature, pulls no punches to be sure. Your eardrums are in for a bruising, to put it another way. We are also really digging the mix of genres here between hardcore, the doomy passages that fill the gaps between, and the straight up groove metal riffs speckled throughout. The band have a clear vision and execute it to perfection on Hostage Animal, and we could not be any happier with the outcome.

Check out the album now via Southern Lord, and also our featured opening titular track, Hostage Animal, you will not regret it, though your neighbours might.


Metal, metal and more metal – check out the storied history of Dysgeusia here

Polaris – LUCID (Resist/Sharptone Records)

We aren’t sure what has been happening down in Australia with regards to musical output, whether it’s the sun or the recent news of marriage equality now being legalised (a no-brainer surely?), but whatever it is they are on, we want some.

Sydney’s five-piece progressive metalcore outfit Polaris are just one in a long line of brilliant bands to have come out that side of the world, and sit very comfortably alongside metalcore legends Architects, Northlane and While She Sleeps.

Their debut full-length album, The Mortal Coil, out now via Resist Records/Sharptone Records is a real stomper, with huge choruses and mosh-worthy riffs aplenty. You are sure to find something you like with Polaris, and the huge potential they have shown here on their debut album holds much in store for their future. Make a note of their name, they are going to be huge.

Our featured and opening track below LUCID is a prime example of their stylings, so check it out:


The Faceless – Digging The Grave (Sumerian Records)

As we mentioned way back in June, we’d keep you updated on news of The Faceless and their upcoming album, so here is that news!

The title has been kept the same, so In Becoming A Ghost is due out on December 1, 2017 via Sumerian Records, and not only that but they also dropped a brand new single, Digging The Grave and confirmed the track listing which features the two tracks The Spiraling Void and Black Star we have played to death since they were dropped, all those moons ago, in anticipation for this news.

In Becoming A Ghost is already featured on several best-of-2017 lists before it has even been released, which puts high expectations on the band’s shoulders, but we are in no doubt that it will be one the year’s best. Don’t believe us? Check out Digging The Grave below and soak in that flute solo, then tell us that it isn’t going to be brilliant. Go on.




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