Hookworms, Virginia Wing: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool



As Hookworms bring their sounds of synth to a sold out show in Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory, Getintothis’ Lauren Wise heads down to the dockside venue to catch them in action.

Every once in a while it’s important to try something a bit different.
To step out of your own genre and take a listen to the music you wouldn’t have otherwise paid much attention to.
Sticking to your own thing for every gig can seem like a riot at the time, but in reality all you’re doing is shrinking your horizons and limiting your ears.
That’s why, as an avid indie gig-goer, Hookworms might not have been a first choice of band to leap at the chance of seeing. However, there’s been so much fuss surrounding the new album that it’s difficult to abstain from putting an ear in and taking the chance to go and see them if the opportunity arises.
Fast forward and it’s the very night itself, complete with a sold out strap line – a good indication no matter whatever genre you lean towards.
Downstairs in the Invisible Wind Factory has begun to fill up already, and the atmospheric overhead glow sticks get everyone in the mood for some bulked up synth.
In the mean time, Virginia Wing take to the stage, presenting a chilled, layered sound that compromises several different beat patterns and leaves our head all in a spin – but in the best way possible.
Topped with Alice Merida Richards‘ captivating vocals, the result is a mesmerising one that means we struggle to take our eyes of the performance. Yesterday’s Guest is a set highlight.
Hookworms talk synths in the studio, crowdfunding & avoiding sounding like Muse
After a short interval and some appropriately dulled lighting to heighten anticipation, Hookworms are up. Even before they begin their visual accompaniment draws the attention and it’s soon clear that this won’t just be a set to listen to, it will certainly be one to watch.
A now bursting venue is buzzing with excitement, ready for what the Leeds-based five-piece will produce in the way of a live set following their latest release, Microshift. 
Launching in at full throttle, the combination of full band and synths are very Muse-y, a likeness that couldn’t be avoided.
However, what Hookworms provide is an upbeat and energetic set, opposed to a languorous and nondescript one. From the first few songs it’s clear that the tempo would be fast-paced, with lead singer Matt Johnson keeping up the speed with an energetic overtone that was infectious throughout the crowd, reaching to the very far corners of the room.
Even if you prefer staying at home watching some mainstream favourites, there’s still plenty to be revelled in here, and there’s simply no denying great talent.
It’s not hard to see why Microshift was such a critically acclaimed album, with so many different aspects to each song that it’s hard to fixate on any one. Their music is certainly a combination of visual and auditory artwork, which going to a gig you are fully able to appreciate.
Negative Space is instantly recognisable from the first few notes, with the repetitive undertone matched with Matt’s catchy vocals – impossible not to dance to.
Another highlight is of course Static Resistance, their January release that transports listeners to a galactic future with a dystopian outlook – painting an incredible picture and telling a vague story – while at the same time allowing you to fill in the blanks.
If you’ve managed to get your hands on a hot-selling ticket for their sold out tour, you have plenty to look forward to.
Our advice? Take that step out of your comfort zone and see an act you wouldn’t consider, if it’s anything like tonight was, it will surprise you.

Photos by Getintothis’ Kevin Barrett




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