Deep Cuts and Sound City team up for pre-festival Buyers Club party


Seatbelts heading to Buyers Club on May 3

Getintothis and Sound City team up with four of the brightest emerging talents ahead of May weekender with a Buyers Club happening on Thursday May 3, Peter Guy looks forward to something special.

Seriously, where has this year gone? We’re almost approaching festival season and this writer is still feeling the effects of 2017.

Anyway, on with the show – and that aforementioned festival season kicks off with a vengeance around these parts in early May with the city centre return of Liverpool Sound City. Having strolled around the rejuvenated Baltic Triangle earlier this month it was impossible not to be both genuinely intrigued but excited about the way that part of the city is shaping up.

There were at least a dozen bars (several featuring live music platforms) which we’d never foot in. Truth be told, there were a handful this writer probably won’t set foot into again – but the vibrancy, eclecticism and spirit of what’s unfolding is undeniable. The feel of the place couldn’t help recall my first trip to Austin, Texas for South By South West, what with all manner of pop up spaces, craft ale houses and the ingenuity and endeavour of people willing to ‘have a go’. And whether you like what’s developing in the Baltic, you can’t help but find some solace in a part of Liverpool which is moving at pace into something very different that’s on offer elsewhere in the city.

Which altogether makes for a very exciting and very different Liverpool Sound City. New bars, new spaces, new soundsystems and a bill which is rammed with new bands and new artists. That’s all we can ask for. Returning to it’s roots has been the clarion call, and I for one, am glad to see this brave new look.

With the Sound City+ conference beginning on Friday May 4, we’re teaming up with them to present our May 3 Deep Cuts show at our home at Buyers Club with acts which represent what we’re both about – best new music.

Having flown out the blocks in 2018, the spin off band from James and Ryan of Hooton Tennis ClubSeatbelts represent just that. A completely different outfit to their usual guise, Seatbelts blend angular post-punk with lyrical social commentary.

Deep Cuts #16

Deep Cuts #16

Milo Tain has been on our radar for sometime, so we’re delighted to welcome him to Deep Cuts #16; melding neo-soul and cosmic pop, his is a singular sound which should delight fans of Marvin Gaye to XamVolo.

Lennie Dies, meanwhile, operate at completely the other end of the spectrum, dealing in chaotic, riotous mania and guitar-fueled garage rock. With just a handful of gigs under their belt, they’re another band we’re chuffed to add to our roster of brand new ‘uns to keep an eye on.

Completing the bill on Thursday May 3, Buyers Club bill is the debut performance by Lemonade Fix – and regulars on the Liverpool gig circuit will be well aware of their combined talents.

Luke Fenlon and Sam McVann, previously of The Sugarmen have teamed up with former Strange Collective bass player Michael Robinson and ex-FUSS guitarist Karl Byrne who completes the line up. The band, who have been practicing for a number of months, will be airing new music for the first time.

  • Deep Cuts #16 at Buyers Club is on Thursday May 3 with Seatbelts, Lennie Must Die, Milo Tain and Lemonade Fix – £5OTD
  • Finally, massive thanks to TRACKY, St Jude The Obscure, WIFE, Raheem Alameen and Pizzagirl for a superb Deep Cuts #15 earlier this month. Here’s a gallery of shots by Getintothis’ Tom Adam from the evening.