Liverpool music gig guide: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Roy Orbison, Courtney Marie Andrews and much more



Get in the groove with GetintothisDavid Hall, bringing you all the week’s best gigs as the Merseyside scene hits cruise control and belts out another seven days of quality.

You know the drill for this gig guide by now. We come up with some sort of smart arsed intro tying in to current events, do some loose metaphorical link to the week ahead, and then let you loose on the gigs.

Some of you probably don’t even read this part at all, you just skip straight on to the Spotify playlist, or see who’s playing on Thursday night, since you’re free then.

Well, you should read this intro. Apart from this week. We got nothing this time, sorry. The cupboard’s bare. When the heck are we meant to tie this to in current events?

Easter is over, it’s still a few weeks until the next bank holiday, the weather has been meh… Liverpool are in the Champions League semi finals, but as great as that is, many of you simply won’t care.

This is the most average week we can remember, and the Merseyside gig scene has responded in kind. No, not by being average, but by cranking out effortlessly brilliant bookings, and by making the cracking lineup just seem like another day in the life.

This week is excellent; seriously, anything but boring, and we’re delighted to have you along for the ride.

Nathaniel Rateliff

Nathaniel Rateliff

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats: Olympia, Monday April 16

Remember when Nathaniel Rateliff was a solo acoustic miserablist? Of course you don’t, you only know him with his rabble rousing band The Night Sweats and their blaring, soulful rock ‘n’ roll.

With a new album Tearing At The Seams released just last month, and lead single You Worry Me hitting the top of the Billboard Adult Alternative chart, now is the perfect time to catch the band at the Olympia.

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison – In Dreams: Echo Arena, Tuesday April 17

The holographic experience that literally nobody asked for, the man in black (no, the other one) Roy Orbison is brought back to disturbing life at the Echo Arena this week.

Yes, a mere 30 years after his untimely passing, Orbison’s reanimated visage will don those famous dark shades and hover terrifyingly onstage to belt out the likes of You Got It, Oh, Pretty Woman and Only The Lonely.

Her's (Photo: Ryan Jafarzedah)

Her’s (Photo: Ryan Jafarzedah)

Her’s: EBGBs, Thursday April 19

Lounge surf pop duo Her’s have taken some time out of relentless live dates and return with both a debut album Songs Of Her’s and to the stage at EBGBs this week with a much anticipated headline show.

Hobby Club and our new jam Pizzagirl will be on hand to support H.E.R. Apostrophe S.

Abandon Silence

Abandon Silence

Abandon Silence 8th Birthday Series – Hunee, Dimensions Soundsystem, Andrew Hill: Invisible Wind Factory, Friday April 20

The last in the series of Abandon Silence’s extended 8th birthday celebrations sees breakthrough Korean electronic maestro Hunee stepping behind the decks for an extended set.

Dimensions Festival’s Soundsystem arm come all the way from Croatia for support duties, alongside Abandon Silence founder Andrew Hill with some tunes of his own.

Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews: Arts Club, Saturday April 21

Phoenix, Arizona’s finest Courtney Marie Andrews swings by the Arts Club this week in support of new album May Your Kindness Remain.

Andrews’ sixth album follows up her 2015 breakthrough Honest Life – home to the sweet likes of Irene and Table For One – the golden-voiced Ms Andrews visits Liverpool as part of an extensive UK and European tour.

Shonen Knife

Shonen Knife

Shonen Knife: Shipping Forecast, Saturday April 21

Cruising towards their fourth decade as a band – they’ve been together 37 years right now – Japanese pop punks Shonen Knife return to Liverpool.

Bigged up in the 90s by the likes of Sonic Youth and Nirvana, the revolving three piece lineup remains as indebted to 60s girl groups as ever, and hit the Shipping Forecast this weekend.

The Drifters

The Drifters

The Drifters: Echo Arena Auditorium, Sunday April 22

Do The goddamn Drifters really need any introduction? Well, actually, kinda. See the music might be legendary, but The Drifters lineup has included about 65 members down the years. Not bad for a four piece RnB vocal group.

But playing the likes of Please Stay, Save the Last Dance for Me, Some Kind of Wonderful or Sweets for My Sweet? You can bet the music will be spot on.

We’re not done yet either; it’s that long list time, so keep your eyes peeled on GetintothisGigbites:

Grant-Lee Phillips

Grant-Lee Phillips

  • Callaghan: Studio 2, Tuesday April 17
  • Trampolene, Himalayas, Sophie And The Giants: EBGBs, Wednesday April 18
  • Mellow Mood: Invisible Wind Factory, Wednesday April 18
  • Black Doldrums, SPARK, NULLA, News From Neptune: The Jacaranda, Wednesday April 18
  • Inside The Brutalist House – Ceramic Hobs, Vukovar, Mekano Set: 81 Renshaw, Thursday April 19
  • Grant-Lee Phillips: Philharmonic Music Room, Thursday April 19
  • Draper: Sound Food And Drink, Thursday April 19
  • Marillion: Philharmonic Hall, Friday April 20
  • Derange: Zanzibar, Friday April 20
  • Coasst: Shipping Forecast, Friday April 20
  • Weareyou: Arts Club, Saturday April 21
  • Seprona: Sound Food And Drink, Saturday April 21
  • Petrol Girls: Sound Food And Drink, Sunday April 22

Upcoming gigs to keep an eye on:

St Jude The Obscure at Deep Cuts

St Jude The Obscure at Deep Cuts

Liverpool Acoustic Light Night 2018: Philharmonic Music Room, Friday May 18

Here’s one that we’ll let you know about now, as since it’s not quite a gig per se, we’ll see if it ends up in the gig guide. Depends how busy that week is, and whether or not we can be arsed.

Light Night 2018 takes place on Friday May 18, an open night for many Merseyside cultural landmarks to roll out the welcome wagon and do something special. Over at the Music Room, they’ve decided to join forces with Liverpool Acoustic to host a specially curated lineup Limerance, Lydiah, Chris Callander, King & Byrne, and even the electronic art-pop of St. Jude the Obscure.

So from 5pm until 10pm on Light Night, you can catch every act performing a ten minute set each hour. So drop by whenever you like, kick up your feet, and you’ll see every act on offer within 60 minutes, all for free! Pretty sweet deal!