Unknown Pleasures #162 ft. Thyla, HOWWLER & LSDREAM, Klammer

Thyla (Press |Shot)

Thyla (Press Shot)

A short but no less sweet installment of all things musically new as Getintothis’ Mike Stanton shuffles the deck of what’s emerging for the latest installment of Unknown Pleasures.

Brighton’s Thyla deliver timeless indie post-punk with their latest single Blame. Sounding like they have channeled The Darling Buds with heavy doses of Lush and Garbage, Thyla crash the party with a glittering array of rush-guitars, elastic bass and tribal beats.

Marshalled by Millie Duthie’s soaring vocals, Blame showcases a band in full flow with this latest display of euphoria-soaked, reverbing pop that oozes creativity through a bunch of stratospheric riffs and a catchy anthemic chorus.

“Blame is about the uncharacteristic choices people make when they’re trying to be like someone else, for the sake of someone else, at a cost to themselves,” explain the band, “It’s a neurotic frenzy of guitars with self conscious lyrics about the state of paralysis jealously puts you in; blind anger with no real solution”.

Blame is out now on B3SCI Records.

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HOWWLER (Press Shot)

HOWWLER (Press Shot)

HOWWLER is mysterious and elusive emerging from the shadows once in a while to release his latest dark slice of industrial electro and this is one such moment. Pillars of Light is a sinister fever-dream of a track pulsing with raw menace.

Collaborating with LSDREAMPillars of Light opens with mystical voice beckoning the listener to leave their body and venture into a metaphysical realm as the shaman conjures synth-heavy, electro-infused drops that relentlessly crash upon the senses; it almost feels as if HOWWLER has created the soundtrack to a twisted, space-odyssey.

The overall sound is undoubtedly dubstep with a few industrial, synthwave and electro curve-balls thrown in to keep things stark and frothing with heaps of metal aggression. Think Gesaffelstein or Fake Blood assailing the senses with an unforgiving dub electro stomp.

Pillars of Light is out now on Wakaan.

Klammer (Press Shot)


Klammer are fine proponents of dark goth-rock, channeling The Damned and New Model Army to concoct moody and murky records that wouldn’t sound out of place in 1982. Modern God is full of hooks and dark energy throughout its three and a half minutes. It’s a track that sprawls and twists into shapes shepherded by the grandiose guitar riffs, driving bass and tight rhythms.

Modern God is out now via Under Dogz Records.