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Mary Miller

Mary Miller

With fingers melting onto his keyboard, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood provides a fresh scoop of tunes to pop on for the next scorching BBQ or during those very frequently taken cold showers.

Mary MillerI Found Heaven

Mary Miller has slotted seamlessly into a blossoming Liverpool music scene, utilising cutting edge sounds and ethereal vocals that recall the scintillatingly spacious work of Jamie XX and Frank Ocean. 

Deeply rooted in her output is a fondness for the sophisticated and refined, finding space for cinematic strings, choral outbursts and raging horns that ensure her tracks glimmer with a great panache that celebrates both the contemporary and the retro.

In I Found Heaven, Miller finds a superb balance of entrancing vocals and sound, and most importantly, a divine danceability in her moonlight-disco endeavours.


Formerly of the Bees, 77:78 are serious about rock & roll without sounding like they’re trying too hard, their tracks hang firmly to a free and easy approach to living; effective choruses, simply struck chords and an all round well-tailored song writing style.

Wiggling little licks and an over-exaggerated finale ensure there’s a tongue in cheek finish to Chilli, because life is too short to be too serious.

That’s not to suggest a lack of quality, far from it, it would be better described as an effortlessness; prudently positioned solos and an experienced vocal that sits soft, smooth and inviting like a well-worn pair of Clarks Wallabees.

Grand PaxDestroyer

Electronic pop producer, Annie Pax has retained an air of mystery around her musical project. Dark, shadowy press release shots coupled with her spiritual sound have ensured many Londoners have squinted through the gloom to discover more.

Destroyer is equally intriguing as her earlier release, Comet, ghostly layerings of vocal float across a pristine, glossy trap beat, with resonances of Lana Del Rey and Warpaintyou’ll soon stop squinting and start swooning in the gloom.

Saltwater Sun – Hot Mess

A much-needed sucker punch of alt rock via Reading childhood mukkas, Saltwater Sun.

Hot Mess is their most measured output to date, lead vocalist Jennifer Stearnes lays her vocal lazily over a tight groove with style. They tease us with pauses and shudders from eager guitars before launching into a monumental chorus resonant of stoner-surf Best Coast and the power pop anthems of Peace.

Glastonbury 2019 – ten potential headliners

Keep your eyes and ears well peeled as they hit up EBGBs on September 22, and take an extra fiver with you cause you’ll no doubt be launching your first pint into a melee.

HANOVERSaw You Alone

Merseyside electronic quartet HANOVER handle business in a manner we’d all like to; they operate around glittering synth hooks, heartfelt lyricism and a funky 80’s backbone.

With resonances of Stockport’s finest, Blossoms, these local chaps have sold out the Sound Basement alongside admirable support slots and there’s no reason why this momentum should cease.

Their production is fine tuned and they’ve a tight live set that would serve them well on any stage and most importantly, they know how to fill a dance floor.




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