Bands as Football Clubs on Twitter – a match made in heaven

Bands FC - what happens when you blend Arsenal and AC/DC

Bands FC – what happens when you blend Arsenal and AC/DC

Ever wondered what happens if you mix Radiohead with Oxford United or AC/DC and Arsenal? Getintothis’ Ruud Gullit on the tremendous idea taking over Twitter.

Twitter is boss innit? Sure there maybe the daily grind of spats, trolls and celebrity guff – but when used best the world’s biggest virtual pub conversation allows for ideas and inventiveness to shine.

Step forward Bands FC. A Twitter handle that superbly blends your favourite bands with the badge and thematic context behind iconic football clubs.

Simple idea, stunning results.

The idea is the collaboration between The Charlatans‘ frontman Tim Burgess, right hand man and long-time collaborator Nick Fraser, designers Mark Liptrott, Stanley Chow and animator Chris Walker.

The series features some of the best knownbands in musical history – Radiohead, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Fall – and our personal favourite, The Wu-Tang Clan.

It’s a celebration of the exact point where bands and football bump into each other – with a nod to Panini sticker collections,” Nick told NME.

We got started with a couple of ideas then it was non stop – some designs link the band to their favourite team, others are all about design – when we did Wu-verhampton Wanderers, that was quite a moment. Others are like cryptic clues to a song or whatever.

Surely, next up is a solo artists selection – we’re keen to see Prince, Bowie, Madonna and Lemmy. Make it happen.

Update: Bands FC will be hosting an exhibition at Liverpool’s BME next January. Getintothis’ Lewis Ridley has the report here.

Here’s some of the collection so far




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