Jenny Hval announces in conversation date at the Bluecoat

Jenny Hval (Image credit; Tore Saetre for Wikimedia Commons)

Jenny Hval (Image credit; Tore Saetre for Wikimedia Commons)

The Bluecoat will host Jenny Hval as she talks about her upcoming and newly translated novel Paradise Rot, Getintothis’ Kieran Donnachie has the details.

Jenny Hval has been carving out her own niche within experimental music for sometime.

Her potent exploration of eroticism, femininity and the horror of both came to a head on her last LP, Blood Bitch. If you’re looking for concept albums inspired by the Euro horror B movies of the 70s, look no further.

Piqued your interest? then get out your calendar. The Norwegian musician’s 2009 debut novel, Paradise Riot, is finally getting an English translation from publisher Verso and an appearance at the Liverpool’s Bluecoat will see her discuss it in depth.

On Thursday October 25 Hval will take to the stage in front a small audience to chat about the novel and its themes.

Perhaps inspired by her own experience studying at the University of Melbourne, the book follows Norwegian student Jo. As she settles into the fictional British town of Aybourne reality bursts at the seams, and themes of sexual identity and queer relationships prevail.

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Hval’s musical work such as this year’s EP The Long Sleep and 2015’s Apocalypse, Girl are reflective of the novel; an unflinching examination of blossoming sexuality and queerness. Of course it also comes with a heavy dose of the surreal magical realism that’s present throughout her work.

The event takes place Thursday, October 25 at the Bluecoat. Tickets will be £5, with concessions at £4.




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