Best music photographs of October 2018 featuring: Arctic Monkeys, She Drew The Gun, Husky Loops, First Aid Kit & More


She Drew The Gun

In the first of our round ups of the best gig photos of the month Getintothis’ Kevin Barrett and Chris Everett have a trawl through the October selection.

It’s estimated, there are approximately three billion photographs taken worldwide every day.

Whether it’s your bum-bag wearing tourist with their ridiculously long lenses, overzealous street photographers, selfie-stick snappers, or most commonly, Instagram and Snapchatters. We have never been more exposed to photography, and digital imagery than we are today.

This is no different in music photography, go to almost any gig now and you will find hundreds of photos and videos uploaded to social media instantly, usually taken with the biggest available smartphone whilst blocking someone else’s view, but that’s a debate for another day!

But music and photography have always gone hand in hand, its difficult to look back throughout history without associating a significant musical event or release with that one iconic shot.

To put into context; what would be the Abbey Road cover without that crossing shot? Or try visualising David Bowie without without immediately seeing the Aladdin Sane cover.

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It’s the same with live music, it’d be difficult to think of Woodstock without instantly picturing Jimmy Hendrix and his white Fender Strat. This is also pertinent a bit closer to home, search Ian Dickson’s stage shot of The Ramones right here in Eric’s on Mathew Street, a shot that’s often listed as one of the worlds iconic music photos.

As gig photographers, we might have a moan from time to time about bad lighting, or the fateful ‘3 song and out’ rule, but the hunt for that perfect music photo is what drives us on.

And here at Getintothis we are lucky to have some the most talented photographers around, which is why we thought we’d show off a little bit by bringing you our brand new feature showcasing the best photos of the month from our merry gang of snappers.

This past month has seen some of the biggest hitters come to the region, and it doesn’t getting much bigger than Arctic Monkeys, who brought their mammoth tour to Manchester Arena, our Lucy McLachlan capturing Alex Turner stunningly mid vocals. Elsewhere, She Drew the Gun never fail to look amazing on stage, with Mountford Hall providing sublime lighting for the perfect frame.

Other highlights for our photographers were; Superorganism who brought their technicolour pop to Arts Club with some gorgeous backdrops. And Wooden Shjips‘ psych visuals mesmerising all at Invisible Wind Factory.

So, please enjoy the gallery below.




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