The 10 best Liverpool locations that every rock & roll lover will enjoy


Beatles statue Pierhead

Liverpool is a city full of rock and roll locations and here’s Getintothis’ pick of the best ten.

Art takes a fairly large form – and one that stood out throughout the centuries was rock & roll music.

Known as the ‘city that was built on rock and roll,’ it is said that Liverpool has the most ‘musical places’ that you can enjoy on a trip.

It is mostly known for its history with The Beatles – but for a true rock and roll fan, it should be more than enough.

There are many locations to visit, so you might want to get some Travelodge Discount Codes for 2019 to make it more manageable.

1. The Magical History Museum

The Beatles clearly created some magic in the history of Liverpool – and this is shown in the Magical History Museum on 23 Matthew Street – the place where everything began. This five-floor attraction serves as the home for the personal collection of Roag Best – which is actually Pete Best’s brother.

This location will take every visitor through a journey of The Beatles career – featuring memorabilia that will serve as illustrations of their story. You can find anything from John Lennon’s Sergeant Pepper medals to the Futurama guitar of George Harrison.

 2. Pier Head Beatles Statue

Recently, Liverpool started to take more and more advantage of their history with The Beatles.

While there might be other landmarks and locations concerning other bands there as well, it is the Beatles who created the “ground history” for this city.

Which is why, if you go to Pier Head, you will see four life-sized statues made of bronze that were unveiled just recently.

Created by the Cavern Club, these realistic statues depict the band walking through the Mersey – in their casual getup. As a tourist, this is the perfect chance for you to snap some pictures with the band.

3. Museum of Liverpool, John and Yoko Show

If you’re in Liverpool until the November 3 2019, then you might want to visit the Museum of Liverpool as well. For the first time in an exhibition, you will be able to see the love story between Yoko Ono and John Lennon – everything being told through art, music, objects, and film.

In March 1969, John and Yoko decided that they needed to invite the press of the world into their honeymoon suite. They decided to make use of their fame to support their cause, which is why the “bed-in” was deemed a non-violent protest against the war.

4. Blue Angel Night Club

Another Beatles location, the Blue Angel Night Club is where they met their first manager, Allan Williams.

At that point, Williams was the owner of the club, and he took a special interest in this promising band. It is also the place where Pete Best was auditioned, becoming the first drummer for the band which would make history.

Aside from its history with the Beatles, this club has also seen some other “encounters”. While Allan Williams was a manager, it is said that not only did he throw Judy Garland out of the club, but he also refused Bob Dylan’s future entries into the club.

5. The Cavern Club

This is likely the most popular rock and roll venue in Liverpool – and again, Beatles made it that way. This club on Mathew Street marked the beginnings of the band, and it was where they held all of their performances before they made it on the big stages.

The Cavern Club started relatively small – and while it may have started off as a jazz club, it eventually became a centre of the rock and roll scene in Liverpool. It was closed for a while for reconstructions, but now it is open to the public – and one of the most visited attractions in Liverpool.

6. Cashbah Coffee Club

Everyone loves the Cavern Club for its association with the Beatles – but what they do not know is that the Cashbah was pretty much their ‘personal club,’ a place where they would meet and relax. Plus, Paul McCartney and John Lennon sang on that stage as if it was their own home.


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7. Hard Days Night Hotel

While this hotel opened in 2008 and is relatively new, it still offers the entire ‘love Beatles’ course. It is decorated with memorabilia and statues in the honour of the band members, and it also has two luxury suits named after McCartney and Lennon.

If you also want to enjoy a drink, the hotel has a drinks menu themed after the Beatles, which you may choose to your preferences.

8. John Lennon Peace Monument

If you walk by King’s Dock, you’ll be able to see the ‘Peace and Harmony’sculpture – one that was designed to spread the peace message of John Lennon. This sculpture includes various peace symbols, such as a white feather and doves.

9. The Philharmonic Dining Rooms

This was one of John Lennon’s favourite pubs – and, without argument, one of the most beautiful bars in the city. The beauty of this pub is that while it became very popular, it also avoided being a tourist trap.


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10. The Yellow Submarine Hotel

If you are familiar with the song Yellow Submarine by The Beatles, this is certainly a place that you might want to visit. This Beatles-themed houseboat is what every rock and roll lover might enjoy.




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