Hello Cosmos on their latest EP, releasing their debut album and making a statement


Hello Cosmos

Hello Cosmos have enjoyed a busy summer which has seen them release their latest EP and play multiple festivals, Getintothis’ Amos Wynn caught up with the bands’ Ben Robinson.

This year’s Kendal Calling was unique for Ben Robinson, not only did he once again co-direct the festival but he also took to the stage with Hello Cosmos.

The vocalist states that the band are really enjoying themselves and are having a lot of ‘fun’ at the moment.

We’ve all been in different bands and projects over the years, but we’ve just done this for the fun because that is the aim of the game for us.”

The band released their latest piece of work last month, with Robinson pleased by the way people have reacted to Run For President.

It’s been great to put an EP out, we had done a few singles but we wanted to let people into the world of Hello Cosmos a little bit more.”

He continues, “It’s been really nice to present and I’ve been really encouraged by the reaction. There is a mixed bag of sounds and styles because it is a collaborative project.”

Despite the songs having strong lyrical messages within them, Robinson states it was unintentional.

We didn’t sit down and go ‘let’s make a political statement,’ but when you take a step back the songs do have quite powerful messages.”

He believes it is important that people do ‘stand up’ and make a statement about the goings-on in the world, including the dealings of President Trump in America.

The thing I like about being in a band is that you can take on a caricature and say things that is an exaggerated version of your own opinion.”

He adds, “the timing of our releases have been poignant. Originally Run For President was just called Run, but in the current political climate it’s a great time to stand up and say something.”

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The lyrics comes from notes that Robinson makes on his ‘observations’ of every day life.

I come up with a lot of one liners whilst sitting on trains or in a taxi. I just make notes on my phone of little observations and things that run through my head.”

One of the band’s upcoming releases, Let Love Be the Island Upon Which We Stand, is evident of how their tracks can pick up different meanings.

The song was written on my honey moon about being away with my wife for the first time, but in the current political climate it is a really good message. We should do things on a foundation of love, and even if we have differing opinions there’s no reason to be a dick head.”

The lead vocalist believes that the path is now laid for them to build towards releasing their first album.

We’ve got two or three tracks that we are going to go into the studio with to mix because we want a few new songs that haven’t been heard. It’s just about planning when to put the album out, but hopefully it’ll be the first part of next year.”

Robinson is also focused on making Hello Cosmos’ shows about more than just people playing on stage, and hopes to present it as a ‘package.’

I’m a pretty mediocre looking middle aged white guy so it’s nice to give people more stuff to look at,” he jokes.

It’s nice to present the band as a whole package, and a whole world, so then it is more than just a few people on stage and make it similar to what we do online.”

Hello Cosmos recently put that into action at their appearance at Bluedot festival, where they brought out a full production, which included videos, a light show as well as finding Apollo themed boiler suits.

The band kicked of their festival season with a trip to Sound City.

It was awesome, we played to about 50 people in a really small bar environment. The little gigs have been amazing, the stage was on the same level as the audience, eye to eye, but I love those shows because the energy is incredible.”

One of the highlights of summer for Robinson would’ve been playing Kendal Calling, a festival he has always been very involved in and that is close to where he spent his childhood.

It’s always good to be back in the fields of Kendal Calling,” he says. “It was nice to play a place where me, Adrian and Simon grew up so close to.”

He continues, “it’s rare where so many people come together year on year in the spirit of having one huge community gathering. For me it’s like a big annual knees up.”

Robinson feels that things have started to gel more and more for the band live now that they are used to playing the songs live and is hoping their audience will continue to grow.

So far we have only been dipping our toe in but know we want to build a solid fan base so we can enjoy ourselves for as long as it feels good. We didn’t expect the reception we have received so far.”

Despite plans for a debut album in place, Robinson is uncertain of where the band will be in 12 months.

I don’t like to think that far ahead; as long as it’s fun we’ll keep doing what we are doing. When people are acknowledging and giving nice reviews it is the best you can hope for.”