Liverpool’s budding bands and who to keep an eye out for



Take a look at some of Liverpool’s best new bands, Getintothis’ Chunk Klipper on the rise of wonky pop.

Liverpool is a gig goer’s paradise. Every year, the city plays host to some of the biggest music concerts and gigs across the UK.

Some of the finest names in the world of music land in Liverpool in order to thrill audiences. Music lovers all over the country are eagerly waiting for the show to begin.

The moment you think about Liverpool, the first thing that is bound to come to your mind is The Beatles.

The biggest band with the biggest hits in the history of British rock music.

But it is not just about The Beatles.

The city of Liverpool has been witnessing the rise of many young and budding artistes.

These artists are taking Liverpool and the UK by storm. So, if you want to get a taste of Liverpool’s music, then get your music hospitality packages booked right away.

Vryll Society

Have a look at some of the contemporary bands in Liverpool that have made their presence felt in recent times:

1. The Vryll Society

The Vryll Society released their debut album titled Course of the Satellite to critical acclaim. Deltasonic, one of the UK’s biggest recording labels, was behind the launch of the album. The album is studded with some of the most melodious songs that will take your breath away.

2. TV ME
The Pop trio TV ME released its debut EP, A Broadcast From TV ME, back in 2018. The EP threw ample light on the band’s state-of-the-art recording and writing technique. Tom McConnell is the heart and soul of this EP. If you get a chance to listen to this EP, then please do listen to it because it’s simply awesome.


3. Zuzu
She created a lot of buzz after releasing a couple of singles. After that, she released her first EP titled Made On Earth By Humans. It is one of the most witty numbers you’ll ever come across in your life. Do listen to it whenever you get a chance. Beware, it’s quite infectious. You will lose yourself completely in its melody.

4. Seatbelts

Ryan Murphy and James Madden from Hooton Tennis Club are an integral part of the group. Seatbelts came out with their debut EP in 2018. The EP contained four tracks. Their songs are known for mixing up garage rock, art rock, post punk and rock. Get your corporate hospitality packages booked if you wish to join all the action.


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