Hot Flash Heat Wave, Skinners Lane, Girls With No Faces: Sound, Liverpool


Hot Flash Heat Wave

Hot Flash Heat Wave brought transatlantic psych punk to Sound Basement, Getintothis’ Abi Moss-Coomes was impressed.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d walked into a band practice as Girls With No Faces began the night in what started as a pretty empty Sound basement.

Alongside Skinner’s Lane, Girls With No Faces supported Hot Flash Heat Wave in their first week of UK dates on their European tour.

But the lack of crowd didn’t stop Girls With No Faces giving it their all with a high energy performance, albeit a little rough around the edges.

It was the local band’s first gig in three months, and you could tell, but underneath the slightly rugged set there were glimpses of greatness, with heavy bass lines and a real rock and roll feel.

When the crowd eventually turned up the set full of catchy tunes was definitely one they could get behind.

Next up were Skinner’s Lane, an eclectic threepiece originating from far and wide with an even more eclectic sound.

The band brought a real sense of chaos with them to the stage but luckily for them they also seemed to bring a pretty big crowd with them.

Combining heavy psychedelic influences with a rock twists the band gave a high energy performance while managing to deliver a tight sound. Skinner’s Lane had an impressively polished sound especially considering their bassist was a last minute stand in, something you’d never have been able to tell if they hadn’t announced it themselves.

If Skinner’s Lane brought the crowd then unfortunately they also left with the band.

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It may have been Hot Flash Heat Wave’s headlining gig but the venue had come full circle since Girls With No Faces opened, leaving another band to play to a pretty empty crowd.

The crowd that remained however were in for a treat as the band mellowed the mood but delivered an impressive set. The San Francisco based band played a psychedelic inspired punk set that the remaining crowd couldn’t help but dance to.

The chaotic energy that Skinner’s Lane brought to the venue was soon forgotten as Hot Flash Heat Wave gave a chilled performance made up of catchy riffs and unusual beats.

Sound basement may not have been full for their show tonight but if their exciting live sound is anything to go by we’d expect big things from them during the rest of their European tour.

Images by Getintothis’ Abi Moss-Coomes




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