Babybird versus Jimmy’s: ‘We hope this sorry episode can result in a fair compromise’


Babybird – Credit: Steve Williams

Babybird’s Stephen Jones has hit out at fans, Jimmy’s and the city of Liverpool following the band’s ‘disaster gig’, Getintothis’ Peter Guy on the venue’s attempt to put the issue to bed.

Jimmy‘s have issued a statement attempting to defuse Babybird‘s Stephen Jones‘ continued online spat against the venue following the band’s gig in 2019.

Babybird played Jimmy‘s in November last year and the gig which was described by the venue as a ‘disaster’ saw vocalist Jones launch a series of vocal volleys at the crowd.

Such was Jones‘ erratic on stage antics, Babybird‘s own drummer had to wrestle the microphone from the singer and apologise to the crowd – many of which had already left the venue part way through their set.

Following the gig, Jones, issued a statement saying: “I apologise for me but more so for the appalling few stood at front with their backs to the stage talking without stopping thru every single song – I love Liverpool but sadly will never play here again.

Jones didn’t stop at just slagging his own audience but turned on the city’s left leaning politics before leaving the stage and many of those left utterly bemused.

Further tweets have followed, including ones suggesting the venue gave away his merchandise and ‘verbally abusing his daughter’.

One audience member, Anna Whittle, said: “I left Babybird early because he thinks it’s okay to slag off the city he’s playing in. And also have a go at everyone for their political views.

See full audience reaction and video from Babybird’s ‘disaster’ gig in Liverpool

Subsequent to playing Liverpool, Jones has issued a series of social media posts suggesting the band have not received full payment for the gig.

Today, the venue has issued a lengthy statement via their Twitter account saying: “As a musician owned venue, and following many years of hosting hundreds of events with zero issues with artists and promoters, it’s really saddened us to have been put in this position by someone that we have always respected.

Clearly, there is another side to the story that Stephen has chosen to put out. Regrettably, we have been forced to respond publicly despite us privately dealing with this with Stephen and Babybird‘s management.

Babybird was paid the standard 50% deposit upfront for the show. 

Unfortunately the show became what can only be described as a disaster, which included walkouts from the majority of audience members, subsequent loss of income, confrontations between Stephen and the crowd and a total lack of professional standards.

In addition, recorded statements that Stephen made towards the paying audience, the city of Liverpool and our venue undermined the contract and our reputation as a first-class venue. 

The audio and video files we have retained which clarify the reality of the event are damning and decisive evidence of why we and the audience had an issue with Stephen

Jimmy’s communicated with the promoter and Stephen directly to reach an agreement to draw a line under this event but we have since had to deal with further negative communications and his one-sided public announcements.

We are again attempting to conclude matters with Stephen and hope that this sorry episode can result in a fair compromise.

In a further twist, TV comedian, Dom Joly waded into the spat with a tweet, saying: “Disgusting – pay up, Jimmy’s Liverpool”.