Once & Future Band share video for new track Andromeda – exclusive


Once and Future Band Credit: Rob Williamson

Once & Future Band have shared the video for their new tune Andromeda, Getintothis’ Lewis Ridley shares the exclusive.

Once & Future Band have today released the visuals for their latest release Andromeda.

The single comes from their upcoming album, Deleted Scenes, which is out April 10.

The LP is the Oakland band’s first full-length release since their self-titled album in January 2017, which saw them tour the UK including a date in Liverpool’s Shipping Forecast.

On the track, Joel Robinow of the band said: “Andromeda is kind of a time traveling song, I first started writing it in 2004 when the band initially got together, struck by the line “will I wait this lonely lifetime” from I Will by The Beatles, and felt like that seemed tragic, so I thought of a character who was willing but a little more begrudging, like, ‘Ok, I’ll wait if I have to’.”

“We actually recorded the basics back during the last record at Phil Manley’s studio, I never liked the bridge so we just moved on, and when we went to record it for the new one In our practice space we just started replacing everything and we just kept the bass and drum tracks, from there I just constructed a new bridge from the old bass line and the song reached an angle of repose and just kind of fell together.

“Also if you listen closely to the quiet part you can hear me swatting a spider on my face, I missed.”

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The video is directed by Ryan Daniel Browne, who said: “This song by the Once & Future Band seems to be about loneliness, longing, and the dream of the perfect life partner. To me, it also sounded like a great excuse to go and film in the Outback — something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“Much of this was shot at Mungo National Park, an extremely sacred place which is the traditional land of the Muthi Muthi, Nyiampaar and Barkinji Aboriginal Nations. I was grateful to be allowed to film there and took care not to film at certain sacred sites. The heat reached 43 degrees Celsius on one of the days I was filming (109 Fahrenheit), which is why you see these heat mirages.”

“I thought it might be interesting to combine stark and unadorned images of the natural world with “artificial” images that I drew on my computer. So alongside what I filmed in the Outback, you see these computer animated images I made. These were inspired by Christopher Appelgren‘s artwork for the band, as well as old CG movies, video games and sci-fi book covers.”

“For some reason the very real landscapes around me often lead me to fantasize about fictional worlds. Perhaps subconsciously I was picking up on a similar thread in the song, which expresses a longing for a soul mate who seems kind of real, kind of imaginary, and just out of reach.”

Deleted Scenes trackist:

1. Andromeda
2. Automatic Air
3. Problem Addict
4. Several Bullets in my Head
5. Freaks
6. Mr. G
7. Deleted Scenes
8. Airplane
9. The End and the Beginning




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