Sounds From The Other City postpone Salford festival to 2021


Sounds From The Other City festival have been forced to postpone due to coronavirus, Getintothis’ James Baker reports.

With the likes of Glasto and Threshold postponing this years festivals, it was only a matter of time before more festivals started to follow suit.

“We don’t need to tell you what’s going on in the world -you’ve likely read enough elsewhere without having to repeat it here. Clearly, it isn’t viable for the festival to go ahead for this year and, as such, we have been forced to make some difficult decisions.”

This is the beginning of the statement released by the organisers of Sounds From The Other City festival, one of the latest casualties in what has become the most devastating year for live music most people will have ever seen.

The wording is very frank, I mean let’s face it, have you heard anyone NOT mention this piece-of-shit virus these past few weeks?

They don’t need particularly need to state why they’re postponing, but we’re British… of course we’re going to give our apologetic reasoning even if the situation is totally understandable.

The new-music and arts festival based in Salford have taken the tough decision of what we’re sure many festivals will follow; to have no iteration this year and wait until the same time next year.

They continue in their statement: “It is going to be a difficult year for all of us, but we’re going to do everything we can to come back in our usual spot of Bank Holiday Sunday 2 May 2021, in our usual format: back on Chapel Street, back in the wonderful spaces we all know and love, and curated once more by the people that make SFTOC so special.”

‘Smaller’ festivals like this will be hit the hardest by this testing time, which is why the organisers have asked those who already have their tickets tohold on to them for next year. That money already taken can make or break events like this.

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Without sounding too doom and gloom, the more money lost, the bigger the hit and the less chance of seeing these kind of wonderful events pick up exactly where they left offwhen this all blows over.

Of course this is hitting everyone in some way or another, and if you are unable to hold on and would like a refund, that is also possible through the given avenues. You can always buy another ticket for next year when you’re back up and running!

“Once again, we’d like to thank you for your understanding. This was due to be our 16th year celebrating the Other City, and the entire reason this exists is due to the fantastic Sounds community: our promoters, venues, partners, volunteers, and, of course, the people who turn up and party on, come rain or shine.”

“We’re all heartbroken to have to do this, and hope to see you all back on Chapel Street next year.”

Paragraphs like that really do hit us for six at Getintothis, we really do want to see them back on their feet next year, along with all of the artists and festivals that have been affected by this awful nightmare. Stay safe out there, and wash your hands!




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