Getintothis LIVE: Teeth of the Sea, Pigs x7, Peaness, Kazimier Garden – full schedule and guests for the week


Getintothis Live

Three times a week we are doing our bit to keep life interesting with our Getintothis Live cultural discussions, Getintothis’ Steven Doherty has this week’s star-studded line-up.

Getintothis Live is our widely-acclaimed three nights a week chat to keep you entertained during these quieter times, combining some special guests coupled with your favourite Getintothis’ contributors tearing into all of the interesting topics of the day.

It’s quite the cultural thrice weekly must-watch.

And once again, this week’s live stream line-ups feature the absolute cream of the crop.

The master of ceremonies this week are Roy Bayfield, who will be in charge of proceedings at 8pm tonight (Saturday) and Monday, whilst Simon Kirk will be on hosting duties on Wednesday.

They will both be accompanied at all times by Getintothis’  editorial lynchpin Peter Guy.

Tonight sees the gentlemen joined by Matt Baty, lead singer of the exceptionally named, much loved rockers Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, and also the brains behind much vaunted independent label Box Records.

Pigs x 7

Alongside Matt, there’s Holly Minto, the vocalist and trumpeter for Liverpool’s four-piece groove-rockers Crawlers.

We also have Jess Branney, who sings and plays bass in Getintothis favourites Peaness, and local gig-going hero Wilfried Haag, an ever present in the audience for pretty much most bands.

All of whom will no doubt have a wealth of opinions about all the pressing matters, so not to be missed.

John Witherspoon (photo by Howard Doupe)

Monday evening (June 1) sees the high quality guests just keep on coming.

Liverpool singer-songwriter and host of our very own, hopefully soon to return, Getintothis Social night at District, John Witherspoon is joined by theatre and event (including a range of festivals) producer Alice Lapworth.

Kazimier Garden’s Bi Bi Amadi and Lucy Byrne, Managing Director of Liverpool’s dot-art, an organisation that promotes locally sourced artwork will also be spending the start of their week with us.

The Coral release new album Lockdown Sessions

Rachael Jean Harris

And finally for this week on Wednesday the 3rd, we have Liverpool singer-songwriter and star of our of our previous Deep Cuts nights Rachael Jean Harris.

With Rachael, there will be one-third of Deeper Cuts Festival headliners Teeth Of The Sea, Mike Bourne as well as music PR guru extraordinaire (and monster-truck driver!) Lauren Barley, along with Lene or Vim from Punk Girl Diaries, a fantastic website about the experiences of females in punk music.

Getintothis LIVE special guest listings – all shows at 8pm

Saturday May 30: Matt Baty, Jess Branney, Holly Minto, Wilfried Haag, Peter Guy, and Roy Bayfield

Monday June 1: John Witherspoon, Bi Bi, Alice Lapworth, Lucy Byrne, Peter Guy, and Roy Bayfield

Wednesday June 3: Lauren Barley, Mike Bourne, Rachael Jean Harris,  Punk Girl Diaries, Peter Guy, and Simon Kirk

  • We’re encouraging readers to get in touch, leave comments on the Facebook live stream to ask our guests, and in future we’d like to invite readers, musicians and music lovers on to Getintothis LIVE to join the debate.
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