Getintothis Social #1: Motel Sundown, Douglas Savage, Cath Holland: District, Liverpool


Motel Sundown

The Getintothis Social kicked off with live music, fun and revelry at District in the Baltic Triangle, here’s the full debrief with those all important quiz answers.

Well that was fun wasn’t it? Those who braved the vicious February wind and rain straddling across the streets of Liverpool into the Baltic Triangle were treated to a free night of live music, poetry, spoken word and plenty of fun and revelry.

We hope it has suitably intrigued readers for a return showing on Thursday March 19 when our second Getintothis Social swings into action.

The Getintothis Social is a free evening for all – every third Thursday at District on Jordan Street.

If you missed it, a quick recap won’t do it justice, however, delights included our host and resident Coffee Shop John and the Silver Spoons mixing Bob Dylan with their own originals, Douglas Savage opening the evening with tales of love, loss, ballerinas and plenty of hip shaking on the dance floor.

Getintothis book columnist Cath Holland shared her sensual and sexual stories while Motel Sundown closed with beautiful Americana and a quite uproarious cover of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, complete with outrageous solo and exquisite harmonies.

There was also a quiz – see the full questions and answers below. Well done the winners with a hugely respectable 9 and a half out of 15.

But most of all, the night was a chance for arts and music lovers to get together, share a drink and a laugh and hopefully make new friends. That’s our ethos with the Getintothis Social.

We hope you’ll join us at the next one.

  • The Getintothis Social returns on Thursday March 19 at District, Jordan Street, Baltic Triangle with live music, poetry, PG’s Tremendous Quick Fire Quiz, Coffee Shop John and the Silver Spoons plus much more – entry is FREE. Stay tuned to Getintothis for details next week.

PG’s Tremendous Quick Fire Quiz results:

Winners: The Social GITS with a score of 9 and a half out of 15.

The Social GITS winning quiz team

Question 1. Easy one to kick off: born on June 7, 1958 was the artist known as Prince – but what was his full name – including middle and surname? Only full mark for his middle and surname.

A) Prince Rogers Nelson

Question 2. On this day in 1963, The Beatles drove through the night from Liverpool to London to appear on the live lunchtime BBC radio programme, Parade of the Pops. The appearance lasted just over 4 minutes. They then drove another 180 mile trip back north for their performance that night at the Swimming Baths, Doncaster, Yorkshire.  But, what were the two tracks they performed? Half a mark for each.

A) Love Me Do and Please Please Me

Question 3. Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album turned 50 last week – celebrated as the first Heavy Metal album and including the classic tracks The Wizard, Black Sabbath, Evil Woman and NIB. The iconic cover shows an eerie woman standing in front of Mapledurham Watermill – but which river is it situated upon?

A) The River Thames

Question 4. Eric’s, the iconic Liverpool club, opened on 1 October 1976 – Elvis Costello, the Buzzcocks, The Clash, Joy Division, and the Sex Pistols all played there – while local groups Dead or Alive, Echo & the Bunnymen and OMD also went to play there. But which band, supported by Wah! Heat, were the last to headline in March 1980?

A) The Psychedelic Furs

Question 5. Another Liverpool club, the Magnet closed two years ago this week – in February 2018. Originally, a street level bar named the Rumblin’ Tum – what was the more popular basement club called?

A) The Sink

Question 6. Over to Manchester, which legendary Manc was born today in 1966 and had a top five UK single named My Star, played a cameo role in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and was named Godlike Genius at the 2007 NME Awards?

A) Ian Brown

Question 7. Sad news this week with the death of legendary DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall. Renowned for his work with Primal Scream, Happy Monday and many more – however his self-produced music with Two Lone Swordsmen and Sabres of Paradise was equally celebrated. Can you tell me the record label which released both of Two Lone Swordsmen and Sabres of Paradises’ albums?

A) Warp Records

Question 8. Back in Liverpool. Playing their biggest hometown gig to date are fast-rising trio The Mysterines – fronted by Lia Metcalfe the band play The Arts Club on Saturday. Lia’s dad Andy played in a hard rock outfit who released their debut album What Came From Fire on Distiller records before playing the Leeds and Reading Festival – but what were they called?

A) Sound of Guns

Question 9. Tame Impala released their new album The Slow Rush last week, but which band did front man Kevin Parker wish to emulate as a young child? Was it:
a) The Beach Boys
b) The Shadows
c) Supertramp

A) The Shadows

Question 10. The drum intro round with? Our jazz correspondent Jelly Roll Parker is to play the intro to a famous song – all you have to do is name that drum intro – play it three times. I’ll give you a clue: the track was written by the drummer – who went on to play in another band which commercially, if not artistically overshadowed his ‘other’ claim to fame.

A) Nirvana’s Scentless Apprentice

Question 11. On this day in 2007, a US hair salon set up a website to sell a pop star’s hair clippings for $1million – the star who had their head completely shaved also left a blue lighter, and a can of Red Bull – these were also thrown in to the auction. But which pop star was it?

A) Britney Spears

Question 12. One of the best new bands to come out of Merseyside in the last few years are Psycho Comedy. Having supported Mick Head and toured the United States they released their debut album last week – but what is it called?

A) Performance Space Number One

Question 13. KRAUTROCK CORNER – German experimental band, Can are widely regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time fusing jazz, rock, pop and avant garde music – their 1972 classic album Ege Bamyasi has a tin can on it’s cover. Inside are lots of okra vegetables – but what solitary FRUIT is also on the cover?

A) Tomato

Question 14.  The Strokes have been playing a number of secret gigs this week and will headline Primavera Sound this summer – but what was the name of their debut single released on 25 June 2001?

A) Hard To Explain.

Question 15 – The Really Hard Bonus Question – and if you answer this one correctly you win the bundle of prizes including a signed Mura Masa CD, purple 7″ Lovely Eggs vinyl and a totes bag of Dig Vinyl goodies including record vouchers.

Russian pop duo Tatu caused a right bloody stir in 2003 when their track All The Things She Said catapulted to number one in the charts – with it’s sultry video it also topped charts in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland and many other European countries. But can you name one half of the duo who is celebrating her 35th birthday today.

A) Yulia Olegovna Volkova.




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