Modern Sky: “We tried to buy Parr Street Studios and refurbish it but were told it was too late”


Parr Street Apartments, if approved will replace Parr Street Studios

Parr Street Studios is set for demolition if planning applications are approved, but Modern Sky attempted to buy the building and were knocked back, Getintothis’ Peter Guy with the exclusive.

Modern Sky have revealed they tried to purchase Parr Street Studios, but were knocked back it has been revealed.

Modern Sky, the entertainment business founded in China, and with a UK company arm based in Liverpool, have revealed they wanted to buy and refurbish Parr Street Studios.

Speaking exclusively to Getintothis, Modern Sky UK boss, David Pichilingi said it was the company’s intention to build upon the growing legacy that in-house producers Chris Taylor and Rich Turvey have created.

Pichilingi, added: “It will be a terrible loss to the city and our global reputation if we lose yet another gem in our crown.

Modern Sky UK was founded from the partnering of Liverpool based festival Sound City and Modern Sky Entertainment in China.

The resulting partnership has created a record label based in Liverpool which has signed the likes of Red Rum Club, Jamie Webster, Slow Readers Club, Tea Street Band and The Lathums.

The company is also Sound City‘s major investor with artist management and a growing music industry team based in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

Having contacted Parr Street Studios owners Steve MacfarlaneThomas Lang and Gary Millar, it was Modern Sky‘s intention to work with their producers and the likes of The Coral‘s James Skelly to further nurture new talent in Liverpool city centre.

If Liverpool loses Parr Street Studios it loses the right to be called City of Music

However, Pichilingi was told “it was too late as the sale had already been agreed and it was too late in the process to reverse this decision“.

Modern Sky‘s statement does contradict the earlier statement by Parr Street Studios owners which suggested the sale had been made during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

New plans submitted for Liverpool’s Parr Street

The full statement by Modern Sky UK reads: “We have been asked by Getintothis to submit a statement regarding the sale of the iconic Parr Street Studios.

“It was fairly common knowledge within the music sector of the city that several months ago we had approached the owners with a view to making a purchase of the whole studio, hotel and bar complex.

“We had secured the necessary funds from our Chinese partners (Modern Sky Beijing), as well as another private investor Andrew Paul (CAPLL) to purchase the whole building.

Our aim was to keep all the businesses that were in place and to invest further into the artists hotel and build upon the studio offer that is already in place working with Chris Taylor and Rich Turvey (Parr Street Studios).

However, we were told it was too late as the sale had already been agreed and it was too late in the process to reverse this decision.

Red Rum Club at Parr Street Studios

Parr Street is part of the fabric of our music history and legacy.

“My own band 35 Summers were the first band to ever record in there after the business relocated from Kirkby from the former Amazon Studios.

“In the past 2 years we have shown our commitment to the studios by recording albums from many of our artists in there including Red Rum Club, Jamie Webster, SPINN, Abbie Ozard, Lucy Gaffney, No Hot Ashes, Slow Readers Club, Tea Street Band, The Lathums, Paris Youth Foundation and many more.

“Through Sound City and Modern Sky we have tried to put Liverpool back on the international map as a 21st century music city.

“Parr Street has played a vital role in our plan.

“The work that Chris, Rich and James Skelly (The Coral) have done with us and also with emerging talent from all over the North is fantastic and something our city simply cannot afford to lose.

“It will be a terrible loss to the city and our global reputation if we lose yet another gem in our crown.

Parr Street Studios owners issues statement over proposed redevelopment

James Skelly at Parr Street Studios

Meanwhile in a short statement via the Parr Street Studios Twitter account, producers Chris Taylor and Rich Turvey said this about the recent announcement, “People make records – buildings don’t.

“The recording studios at Parr Street are a viable and vibrant business – a cultural hub that’s been part of Liverpool’s heartbeat for the past 29 years. We’ve made music that is celebrated throughout the world, proudly playing a small part in Liverpool’s role as a City of Music.

The Coral to release new album in 2020 – produced at Parr Street Studios

“We’ve been aware that time at our Parr Street home may be drawing to a close for a short while now – but the redevelopment plans that were formally announced today bring that reality a little closer.

“Thankfully, it’s people that make records – buildings don’t. Liverpool is a vibrant creative community. We are currently exploring some alternative options to continue as the recording studio you know and love.

“When we can tell you more, we will.”

Here’s a selection of photographs of Parr Street Studios – in house recording sessions by Getintothis’ Warren Millar and Peter Guy.