Black Lives Matter Liverpool march shows solidarity and unity across the city


BLM Protest, Liverpool (Warren Millar)

Liverpool came out in force for the Black Lives Matter protest, the Getintothis team of Abi Moss-Comes, Billy Vitch, Warren Millar and Lucy McLachlan were there.

There were violent clashes in central London this afternoon and idiots in Newcastle shouting “All Lives Matter“.

In contrast, the BLM protest march in Liverpool (and in other places, too) appears to have gone peacefully and in the absence of any, or many, right wing counter protesters.

The march started in L8 at the Rialto and ended with an assembly outside St George’s Hall earlier this afternoon. It is thought there were as many as 7,000 people gathered outside the Hall to hear speeches, poetry and rallying cries from the steps of the Hall.

There was a police presence around the Lime Street area, but no suggestion they were required to intervene at any stage.

With so much of the media and public opinion divided on the necessity and safety of such large scale protests, mid pandemic it was great to see that support for the BLM movement is not wavering in Liverpool, as the protests enter their second week.

Just as the organisers intended, social distancing and safety were at the forefront of the march, with stewards ensuring protesters marched single file through Catherine St and the surrounding roads before arriving at St George’s Hall.

Between face masks being handed out and safe distances being left between the public, it is clear that the protesters were serious about their safe and peaceful efforts to march in support of BLM.

With signs such as ‘Racism is the real pandemic’ being carried proudly through the streets it’s obvious that not even the current global health crisis would be allowed to overshadow the importance of standing up against racism and making it known that the increasing racial tensions aren’t going unnoticed.

Chants of ‘Who’s lives matter? Black Lives Matter’ could be heard across town as families, individuals and friends walked together bearing banners, home-made signs and megaphones.

Children carrying signs reading ‘You messed with the wrong generation’ make it slightly easier to find hope under such dark circumstances, activism looks like it is going to be left in safe hands.

It’s difficult to navigate the complexity of life right now, but seeing Liverpool’s crowds turn out in such force despite the circumstances, ready to fight in support of Black Lives Matter has definitely brought some joy.

It was a magnificent show of force from the people of Liverpool.

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Getintothis’ Warren Millar offered a personal reflection on the afternoon:

More than anything I wanted to attend this march to show my support for the Black Lives Matter movement. This was my choice and one I jumped at. I sort of knew that this would be something special and, boy, was I right.

“Even driving to meet Billy Vitch at his home near the start of the march I could see many people with placards and banners making their way.

“The good people of Liverpool know how to protest and protest in a way that’s meaningful and peaceful at the same time making sure the message is put across. What a wonderful turn out and what a wonderful afternoon and what wonderful people this City has.

I feel highly honoured to have been there and recorded such an event.”


Images by the Getintothis team of Abi Moss-Comes, Billy Vitch, Warren Millar and Lucy McLachlan. Plus Tom Craven from the demo at Southport.