Pixies to release limited edition 30th anniversary LP of Bossanova


Bossanova by Pixies

Legendary Boston indie band Pixies commemorate a major milestone for one of their classic albums, GetintothisWill Neville dances with delight.

Pixies are set to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their third full-length LP with their record label, 4AD releasing a limited edition red vinyl version of Bossanova.

The anniversary edition is coming out on August 7 with the inclusion of its original sixteen-page booklet designed by the late Vaughan Oliver, which had previously only been included with the initial pressing in the UK.

The album was released at a time when the band moved from their hometown Boston to Los Angeles in early 1990, with bassist Kim Deal being the last to arrive having stayed behind to record the first album by The Breeders.

The record was produced by Liverpool-born Gil Norton, like the preceding Doolittle, hitting number 3 in the UK charts.

Many of the album’s songs were written quickly, and in the studio, as lead singer Black Francis remembers, ‘I was writing on napkins five minutes before I sang. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not. That’s just the nature of that songwriting’.

The songs reference outer space, sci-fi and UFOs – even more so than much of their previous work.

Velouria was issued as the pre-album single, becoming their first Top 30 entry in the UK. This was one of two tracks to feature movie composer Robert F. Brunner on theremin.

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The LP opens with the first cover to feature on one of the Pixies‘ albums, a version of surf instrumental Cecilia Ann by The Surftones, while other highlights include Down To The Well, although this is even better heard on the Peel Session first broadcast in May 1989.

The record was greeted positively upon release, with Select magazine even naming it their album of the year, although time has proven it to be the start of a gradual decline from their early sheer sublime greatness.





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