Singles Club #4


Greg O’Keefe froths at the mouth over a different kind of Biffy…

Biffy Clyro: Who’s Got A Match?Single of the week
Pounding riffs and throbbing bass make this poppier than usual effort from hairy rockers Biffy Clyro go with a sea-shanty swing. ‘I’m a fire and I burn tonight,’ growls Simon Neil, with his belting band making a racket like a brit-rock Queens of the Stone Age in the background. What’s not to like?
Vetiver: You May Be Blue (Neighbours re-mixes)
A subtle side-step from Devandra Banhart’s backing band this. Electronic melancholia done just right with distorted beats which start off slow and get all dancey at the business end.
Breathy female vocals give it a haunting lilt and You May Be Blue’ generally evokes the best bits of CloudDead and Portishead.
Wild Beasts: Assembly
Falsetto is getting ever more popular. Mika started it, wailing constantly at the highest of high pitches, then The Hoosiers followed suite. It seems you can’t put on the radio now without hearing someone sounding like they’ve been on the helium. This is catchy enough indie pop but Just. Too. Damned. High. Pitch.
Asobi Seksu: Strawberries
Foot-tapping, clever-sounding guitar stuff sung in Japanese from this intriguing New York-based three-piece.
Sweet lady vocals from singer Yuki Chikudate and a buzzy riff are combined winners. Their name means ‘playful sex’, too.
Kings Have Long Arms feat Candie Payne: Big Umbrella
Bright, horn-driven 70’s tinged pop with Scouse chanteuse Candie Payne’s huge-lunged effort.
In an ulterior world this would be the number one weather song instead of Rhianna. Nicely produced with sunny keyboards and birds tweeting in the background.
The Wombats: Moving To New York
LIPA grad-boys articulate what many have felt like doing at some point in their jaded 20’s. Meanwhile, three-chord power pop hasn’t sounded this good in ages. Fed up with life in the pool they want to bugger off to the city that don’t sleep.
Already on many a radar, The Wombats will be massive this year. Expect The Kooks-sized, Chris Moyles-endorsed success. Who knows if that’s a good thing…




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