Alphabeat: As easy as ABC


Dave Booth on the naggingly catchy joys of Denmark’s hottest new pop tarts.

When an old man like me wakes up in the morning, fortunate to be spared the trauma of an early morning shift at Echo Towers, he’ll turn on Radio 2 in the hope that Ken Bruce will play a mellow tune or two to help him slowly rise from his slumbers and carry his old bones downstairs for a restorative brew.
The Eagles, perhaps; a little Chris De Burgh. Maybe Fleetwood Mac.
But what’s this? Last week there came a sound that transported me right back to my 80s heyday, a bright, party beat that had me up and jiving round the bedroom in a manner not see since I ruptured my lower back grooving awkwardly to Dance Commander by Electric Six.
It’s Alphabeat, that’s who, the peppy, feisty new pop combo from er, Denmark. That drum beat intro to Fascination had me scratching my head for weeks trying to remember who it reminded me of.
Of course, it’s Catriona and the Waves. Or is it Martha and the Muffins? Anyway, it’s ultra catchy and strangely uplifting, euphoric even in the chorus, in the way of The Killers.
If I was old enough to have teenage children, and I am, it’s the sort of music I’d like my smart, fun-loving kids to like.
It would be stashed away on their ipods as they raced out of the house in their stripy T-shirts and ankle-crushing kecks to text their mates about how many cops they’d beaten up in Grand Theft Auto IV.
And what of the rest of the album, This Is Alpabeat? More 80s references: a bit of Purple Rain-era Prince here; a little soft-rock girl guitar hero Pat Benatar there. For the slowies, think Duran Duran meets Human League.
And there’s an odd thing about rubber boots and Macs. But all you really need is Fascination!
Hear em here.
This Is Alphabeat is out now on Charisma Records.

Alphabeat: 10,000 Nights.




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