Tell Me Ma Me Ma: Getintothis’ Blue Blog


BALL! BALL! BALL! FOOTIE! FOOTIE! FOOTIE! For one day only music takes a back seat as Getintothis travels with the mighty Blues as Merseyside’s finest take on some no marks from London at Wembley stadium.

We’ll be joining the exodus south on the Everton fanbus, alongside Blues legend and the last Everton captain to lift the FA Cup, Dave Waggy Watson.
You can find out how we get on with Waggy by logging on to our live blog (see below), from 10am on Saturday morning.
If you’ve never live blogged before, it means you can comment, ask questions, send in links, pictures and video – you name it – and all in real time, just by logging on to the links below from your computer. If you’re on Twitter, you can also send in comments by using the special hashtag #bluenose
When you do that, you’ll be joined by Blues fans from around the world, all eager to have their say and enjoy the banter of what will be a historic day for Everton.
What’s more, the live blogs will be permanent records of the day, so you can relive the action – and your part in it – again and again.

In the meantime, if you’re logging on before the live blog, here’s two songs to keep you going.

Adam & Joe.




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