Liverpool Sound City: Paris Riots, Eliza Doolittle: Studio 2, Parr Street


Variety sure is the spice of life as proved by Parr Street studios’ veritable feast of goodies, Getintothis’ Rosanna Hynes dabbles in perky pop and scuzzy rock & roll.

The Paris Riots have arrived in Liverpool with a whopping bang. Singer Toby Connor mesmerised the crowd with his Jim Morrison wailing and exploratory lyrics while the band mixed elements of Bloc Party and New Order – particularly in the bone-shaking Wrecking Ball.
The real star of the show though was Scott McKnight whose furious drumming kept the eardrums panging with a furious fire.
Little miss Doolittle exuded sweet and soulful erradicating any sense of the catchy manufactured pop associated with her peers.
In the intimate setting of Studio 2, it would have been all to easy to put the overcrowded and overheated room to sleep, but Eliza shook the room up, playing her intricate brand of the jazzy and the soulful showing influences from singers like Nancy Sinatra, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holliday without ever descending into cliche.
Pictures by Sakura Zilla.




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