Outfit prep first single Two Islands on Double Denim Records


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Getintothis presents Outfit’s first official single, Two Islands. Ready for the six sharpest minutes of the summer?

True story.
Getintothis is in the Bombed Out Church watching the gig we’ve put on during Liverpool Sound City 2011.
Our favourite new Liverpool band, Outfit, are playing their third ever gig. They are truly poptastic.
There’s a singular feeling in the brisk early-summer air, that we’ve something special on our hands.
Six tracks later, Getintothis sends a text to keys/singer Thomas Gorton.
Great gig, bud. You got a name for that last track yet – it’s a complete whopper?
Thanks, man. Not got a title yet. We’re caught between two islands. Will let you know.
‘Too late, man! Caught Between Two Islands – it’s going in the review.’
It went in the review.
Then it went in the NME. And Outfit were named in the top 50 buzz bands in the world.
Then it was reviewed everywhere.
Caught Between Two Islands became Two Islands.
And now it’s their first single. On Double Denim Records. Released September 12 2011.
It’s still a complete whopper. And Outfit are still poptastic. Enjoy.
DD007 A1: Outfit // Two Islands by Double Denim Records