Moholy Nagy: Brute Neighbours


After the frenetic fabulousness of Liverpool Music Week, here’s the perfect antidote courtesy of some cosmic San Franciscans.

Hungarian László Moholy-Nagy was a photographer who taught at the Bauhaus school and was pretty psyched about light.
Which is pretty apt when you hear former Tarentel dudes, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Danny Paul Grody, Trevor Montgomery come together on their latest project named after the eastern European artist.
Like their day jobs, Cantu-Ledesma (The Alps), Grody (The Drift) and Montgomery (Lazarus) paint vast ambient canvases which recalls Tarentel’s greatest work – The Order of Things – released in 2001.
Where things differ, though, is the sonic scale as Klaus Dinger speedy thwacks chase clanging six-string sabre riffs before propulsive waves of echo and drone overwhelm, pulling you deep into the radiant abyss. Sheer blinding brilliance.

ps: If you’re wondering, the full rundown of the Liverpool Music Week closing party spectacular will follow later this week.