Ninetails: Rawdon Fever


New scamps on the block, Ninetails deliver crafty new single Rawdon Fever.

When you were growing up there were two types of kids: ones that played by the rules and ones that didn’t.
It’s a nailed on cert that Ninetails were in the latter camp. Cocksure, swaggering and give-a-monkies attitude is their forte and pimped-up guitar funk is their trade.
Specialising in exercises in wrong-turns, mischievous math-pop and sideways grins – they delight in irreverence and hooken-laden harmonies deliberately tripping you up all the while sucking you into their crafty masterplan.
The wee blighters caught us unguarded back in November while supporting Three Trapped Tigers, in what turned out to be one of the gigs of 2011, now comes Rawdon Fever a near-four-minute web of beat-pop containing some of the niftiest bass runs (hats off Philip Morris) you’ll hear all year.
That they’ve delivered it with a charming dragon and Cliff Richard-cameoing video by superfan Molly Hawkins is all the better.
has always been committed to keeping things on the naughty side – and in Ninetails we’ve found scamps after our own heart.

NinetailsRawdon Fever is out February 27 to download from Superstar Destroyer