Singles Club #61


A woman of few words, Getintothis’ Lorna Kelly gets stuck into the latest singles and finds a trumpet solo that works a treat.

Liz Green: Bad MedicineSingle of the Week
With a voice that instantly commands attention and won’t let go, Green creates a sound, which seems to come from the past but is refreshingly unique. Throw in a bluesy trumpet solo and you got a twisted and beautiful track.

Blood Orange: Forget it
A friendly, if repetitive, melody with a summery feel but ultimately boring with an odd guitar break. Just doesn’t sit right – forget it.

Hal: Down in the Valley
Not names you throw about lightly but there’s a feel of John Lennon and Freddie Mercury about this. Likeable lead vocals with a backdrop of lively harmonies. Perfect for bouncing around a sweaty, student dancefloor.

Charlotte Gainborough: Anna
A throaty, seductive voice and uncomplicated guitars are brought down by pedestrian lyrics. Predictable, but pleasantly predictable.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Pictures
Delicate guitar with Leftwich’s haunting voice and storytelling lyrics make for a track you’d have on repeat.

The Bleeding Knees Club: Nothing to do
Whingey, tinny, crap punk.

Chiddy Bang: Ray Charles
Infectious, playful tune for dancing to. A catchy hip hop beat is teamed with a soulful gospel choir making for a fun track.




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