Liverpool Sound City 2012: Don’t Panic We’re From Poland: Kamp, Plum: Mello Mello, Liverpool


Kamp live at Sound City 2012.jpg
The cosmopolitan feel at Liverpool Sound City 2012 continued as Getintothis’ Sean Bradbury captured the pounding sonics of Poland at Mello Mello.

Next stop on the Sound City tour was Poland. Getintothis caught two acts from the Polish night at Mello Mello, with Kamp the standout.
Bursting into their set like Cut Copy, they had the whole place moving to a smooth blend of insistent New Order rhythms and electro-disco and even cracked out the talkbox for epic 10-minute closer Breaking A Ghost’s Heart.
Kamp at Mello.jpg
Kamp at Mello Mello during Liverpool Sound City 2012.
Plum followed with instrumental hard rock assaults built on heavy Rage Against The Machine basslines, a bit jarring after Kamp‘s infectious tunes but plenty of fine technique to appreciate nonetheless.
Pictures by Richard B.