Liverpool Sound City 2012: D/R/U/G/S, The Tea Street Band, Esco Williams, Miss Stylie, Manukah: Bumper, The Kazimier, the Garage, Liverpool


The Tea Street Band live at Liverpool Sound City 2012 getintothis.jpg
Liverpool Sound City 2012 signs off in sensational style – a night to remember, yet it all seems strangely familiar to Getintothis’ Stephanie Heneghan. No bad thing. Just perfect, in fact.

After two nights of being on my best behaviour – Diet Coke and straight to bed – by the time Saturday comes around it’s time to let my hair down and really get into the spirit of things, the spirit in question being vodka.
Fortunately the line up for this evening reflects a more party mood, with less moody guitar bands and an agenda of ‘lets have a bit of a dance shall we’.
Manukah live at Bumper during Sound City 2012
Off to Bumper first for Miss Stylie but the sets are running late so I catch Manukah who I’ve never heard of before but who were top.
With a brass section, a lead singer with a cracking pair of lungs and the ability to go from funk soul to rocking out without missing a beat, they kicked off my evening perfectly.
Miss Stylie live at Liverpool Sound City.jpg
Miss Stylie live at Liverpool Sound City 2012
I’m already a fan of Miss Stylie after catching her set at the recent GIT Award, she’s one of those girls who just oozes cool with her street styling and ability to spit lyrics.
She’s having DJ problems this evening in that she doesn’t have one but doesn’t let this faze her as she drops her new single OMG as well as freestyling over Drake and Dev.
Esco Williams live at Liverpool Sound City.jpg
Esco Williams live at Liverpool Sound City
Then it’s off down to the Kaz for what might be my most anticipated gig of the festival – Ghostpoet.
He gained notoriety for his Mercury Prize nomination last year but I’m more interested in the personal reviews from my friends who are harder to please than a glitzy awards panel and who unanimously enthused about him.
It has to be said, it’s deservedly so. A sound that melds aspects of grime, trip hop and lazy dubby beats, his vocals lazily floating over the top, he’s got the Kazimier audience in the palm of his hand. I’m hooked from the opening track Gaaasp and the set is over far too quickly for my liking…
The Tea Street Band live at Liverpool Sound City 2012 james.jpg
The Tea Street Band live at Liverpool Sound City 2012
And then for the grand finale – The Red Bull sponsored Garage is playing host to The Tea Street Band followed swiftly by D/R/U/G/S and I end my Saturday night like so many before them – raving in a dirty warehouse to synths and loops.
A perfect ending followed by a not so perfect hangover the next day.
D/R/U/G/S live at Liverpool Sound City 2012
Pictures by Marie Hazelwood and Darren Aston.